Thursday, April 16, 2009

Work Out Warning

When going to a gym to work I try to do.....I load myself up with things to do during working out so that I forget that I am there. I bring the ipod...fully charged (one time the battery in the ipod went dead, thus did my working out until the battery was recharged)....a book or magazine..(making sure that there is enough to read to last the ENTIRE work out)....water...(you would be amazed at how much time you can spend NOT working out by walking to the water fountain)....cell phone .....(shhheesshh...I'm going to ruin any one's work out by talking on it, I put it on vibrate and text!).

So, this morning, fully loaded down with my 'distractions' I head to the gym, actually excited to work out so that I can continue reading (and finish go me!) the second Jen Lancaster book...

I hope on the elliptical machine and start reading...which instantly takes me into the far away place of Chicago and one of Jen's many stories about her life. This time it was working out.

When working out in public and reading a Jen Lancaster book, you should be aware that a few things could happen to you. (A) You will be so completely enthralled in your book that you begin laughing out loud hysterically thus ensuing stares from fellow exercisers....they stare trying to figure out why you are enjoying your work out so much more than they are...that or they want you to kindly shut the f-up so they can finish watching CNN or MSNBC in peace. (B) You might fall off exercise machine due to laughing so hard that you can't keep your balance...thus inviting more stares and even dirty looks. (C) Limp your way back on to your machine and continue reading...and reading...and reading...only to find out that instead of doing 40 minutes, you have in fact done 60 minutes at the higher level. Due to this, when you do stop (only because you have finished your book...yah me!...ummm...yah you) you again fall....this time not only stares, dirty looks, but some laughter from your fellow exercisers. (D) You will be extremely sweaty from the extra exertion...however, you don't notice or care because you just finished reading the funniest book ever!
Just saying this could's not like I know from personal experience or anything.........
P.S. Totally wore my aviators and front/side one mistook me for Jessica Simpson. Guess she doesn't sweat that much after a 60 minute cardio workout.....excuse me while I limp to shower now.

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