Thursday, January 23, 2014

Little Bit of This and That

I'm so blessed to get to be able to stay home with all 44 pounds of these snuggle bugs! 

In between daily scrubbing of the house...bleach is my new perfume during this RSV season...and Lacey's school time...

Little CJ still gets his snuggles! 

Clayton is still loving Kindergarten! He had his first school project. For the up coming 100th day of school, he was supposed to bring in 100 items...his choosing. Well, it only made sense that he chose...

100 pictures of WWE wrestlers! He is obsessed...I blame his father. 

CJ got his second round of the RSV shot this week. After seeing all he has gone through in his short life, getting a shot is the least invasive. Yes, he does cry, but as soon as I pick him up and snuggle him, he quiets right down. He is in the double digits for his weight..10.5 pounds!  CJ also had his Pulmonay appointment at Riley. His lungs sound great! We are starting the process of weaning him off of his oxygen. He is now down to a flow of .25 (from .50). During the day, as long as someone is near him he can be off of the heart rate/apnea monitor. One less cord to carry around! At his next appointment, we are hoping to wean him off more...which would be no oxygen during the day and only on it at night...WHOA! He has been doing well on the .25 liter...prayers this continues! 

I can't wait to hold my baby for the first time without any cords!! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Football Picks

Our house is all geared up for Sunday Football Funday!  The buffalo chicken dip is bubbling away while the meatballs are simmering and filling the house with deliciousness!
   In our house, the biggest match up will be...

Living in Indiana and only 20 minutes from Indianapolis, I will always have a soft spot for the Colts' former leader, Peyton Manning.   I hope he gets his second Super Bowl ring!

As for the second match up...

  There is just something about Colin Kaepernick that I love as a QB. I love that he isn't afraid to leave the "safety" of the pocket to make a play.  It also doesn't hurt that he looks like this..


So I'm hoping for a Broncos and a 49ers win. Regardless,  we'll have great food, great company, and pajamas... WIN!
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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sorting Beans

 Now that Lacey will be staying home with CJ and I until I return back to teaching in the Fall, it was important to me that she doesn't skip a beat in her learning as well. Each day we have about an hour of "school time". I say about an hour because it depends on how long she stays engaged in our activities.  I'll try posting all the different activities we do for anyone needing ideas on Kindetgarten readiness skills. 

   One of the activities she LOVES is sorting the "jellybeans"...she calls them jellybeans, but they are really beans. This activity helps with sorting skills and matching.  We also talk about why they are the same or different, comparing sizes and colors. All the materials needed are an egg crate and 1 package of 16 bean soup beans. (Total cost of $1.00!) 

Lacey really studies each of the beans to notice any cracks or imperfections in them.

The best part, she can eat them if she wants...extra protein and won't make her sick...but they don't taste the best! 

For her, there are so many different beans that it keeps her attention. We also make patterns out of the beans too. We could easily have an hour of "school time" just from these beans! 

Friday, January 10, 2014

CJ at 4 Months

CJ was born 4 months ago. I just can't believe how much he has grown, learned, and changed. One thing that hasn't changed is our daily snuggles! 
CJ had his 4 month check up yesterday. Even though he was born 4 months ago, his development is recorded at his adjusted age, the age he is from my due date with him. His adjusted age is currently 1 month and 10 days. His height, weight, and milestones are recorded for his adjusted age, but for his vaccines we follow his actual date of birth. 
CJ's Stats: 
Weight: 9.6 pounds (31%percentile)
Height: 23 inches (90% percentile)
Head Circumfrence: 15.5 (90% percentile) 

He is long and lanky just like his brother and sister! 
  CJ has never had to use the NG Tube since we were home and were officially discharged from it! He has been able to gain his ounce a day on breast milk...nursing or from a bottle. It was awesome to call the company that sent us supplies and say, " DISCHARGED!" CJ loves nursing and is so relaxed..sometimes too relaxed...and happy. 

   We still see his speech therapist; however he has been doing so well that we have graduated to seeing her every 2 weeks instead of every week. He is still working on his jaw strength and the elasticity in his cheeks, but he has so improved! 

He is getting strong! He has been the easiest of all 3 kids with Tummy Time. He has such good head and neck control!  He will put weight in his legs, but not for a long amount of time. CJ has always been inquisitive. He gets bored easily and likes to have different things to look at. He has started reaching for the toys hanging from his playmat. This week has even started real response smiles, not just "gas" smiles. 
He is still wearing size 1 diapers. CJ has grown out of his newborn clothes and wears size 0-3 months clothing now.  He is still in his Oxygen and monitor full time. He averages one apnea spell every 2 nights. We see his pulminologist next week so this may change.  He slept the first time in his crib this week. We have slept in the living room since he has been home since that is where the oxygen tanks are located. We were hit with a lot of snow and ice this week, so we slept upstairs in his rook where it is warmer and away from any windows. 
He is not sleeping through the night yet, but usually only wakes up once around 2 AM, to nurse. He absolutely HATES a pooping diaper and will fuss until he is changed...can't say I blame him! 
He is the most snuggable and lovable little guy! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow-mageddon Cont.

This picture totally sums up Indiana for today and possibly tomorrow. Thank you to all of those men and women who have to be out in this weather...glad it's not me or my family! 

In a completely unrelated news update...Clayton lost his first tooth yesterday! I have never seen a kid so NOT excited to loose a tooth as this kid was. Tears...lots of tears were shed...worried about it hurting, worried about the blood...oh such a worrier! 

He finally let me yank it out...surprise, it didn't hurt! The tooth fairy came last night...luckily, she planned ahead and went to the "tooth fairy money exchange bank" and left Clayton $5...inflation over the years since I was little!..and a note. 
 It will take me awhile to get used to this new toothless smile! 

And, just because...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snow-mageddon 2014


Played in the snow--👍

Homemade Chili--👍


School cancelled for tomorrow--👍

Saturday, January 4, 2014