Thursday, December 27, 2012

Big C is 5!

So...there is this boy...

And, he's kinda of stolen my heart...for 5 years now...

However, I'm the lucky one...

    because he calls me Mom. 


      Today you turn 5 years old.  You LOVE wrestling. You can name all of the WWE wrestlers, sing their entrance songs, do all of their finishing moves, and signature entrance moves.  You can read sentences with sight words and small three letter words. You have a memory like an elephant and can make connections and problem solve well beyond your years.  You continue to have a heart of gold.  Clayton, you love unconditionally and bring out the goodness in everyone you meet.  You have the most tender heart and your ability to sympathize and empathize rivals some adults!  You are fiercely protective of your sister and I and your Dad is by far your biggest idol.  Today, you just told me that you are excited to go to Kindergarten next year.  I'm more excited to see what little discoveries you make and learn each day.  I love when you get wrapped up in playing or looking at something and I just watch you as you try to figure it are so smart!   Clayton, thank you for being my love for you is beyond the expression of words. 

Love always, 


Big C, 
Five years ago today we were having our first practice back from Christmas break. We were throwing the ball around everywhere and I couldn't understand why we couldn't jump on the flight of the ball or front the cutter during shell drill. I decided to throw a fit and throw my keys across the gym so I could jump in a drill. All was fine until my manager told me "Coach, the contractions are at the point you said you needed to leave" (Yeah, he had my phone getting contraction updates from Lindsay). I then frantically started looking for my keys which I had no idea where I had thrown them. Luckily, this puny freshman guard (who is still puny to this day) sprinted over and found my keys so I could go get Linds and head to the hospital...Happy Birthday Clayton! I love wrestling with you and watching our 4 wrestling shows a week together. I also love how you get frustrated and can't understand why the Cubs and Bears hardly ever win. You have some great people associated with your birthday story and you deserve it!


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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

We hope you had a blessed Christmas 

filled with warm memories of family and friends!

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Joe the Elf...Card Player

Totally elf, playing a game of war...with The Rock....

You know, typical evening....
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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Joe the Elf

Joe left a little message for Big C and Big Girl C...

Apparently, Joe got tired from making this mess on my kitchen counter and needed to rest...
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