Thursday, July 10, 2014

CJ is 10 Months Old!

CJ has officially turned 10 months old.  He is even more of a joy and blessing.

CJ has blossomed over the past month.  He enjoys playing with is toys and loves to be standing up.  His Exersaucer is one of his favorite toys and he can now move in circles around it.  

His walker is quickly becoming his second favorite toy as he is learning to scoot it around the house.  It's a good thing we put in new hardwood flooring to make it easier for him to scoot around.  Oh, this face!  He makes this face when I am doing something he thinks is slightly funny.  It is equivalent to saying, "Oh, so crazy!" 

CJ is developing as a normal 7 month old....his adjusted age.  He is able to sit up independently, but is a little wobbly when looking around or reaching for toys.  Standing up is still his preferred position...he must be able to look around and see what is going on.  

Everything in his reaching distance and that he can get his hands on goes in his mouth.  He has one tooth on the bottom that is poking little tooth too!

CJ is wearing 6-9 month clothing and is in size 3 diapers.  We have been doctor visit free for over a month so as for his weight and height I'm not really sure.  I am assuming he is around 20 pounds. 

He continues to be the happiest baby.  He is quick to smile and laugh.  He loves people...loves to interact with people. He is rarely fussy, only when he needs a diaper change, hungry, or is tired.  

As for food, his little boy can EAT!  It's hard to believe that he came home from the NICU with a feeding tube.  Below is a picture of the food he can eat at one time.  A hand full of puffs, a couple of rice husks, 2-3 containers of food, and drinks from his sippy cup. He still eats every 3-4 hours and has around 4 bowel movements a day.  He nurses 4-5 times a day.  CJ has never taken a bottle very well, but it hasn't effected his eating one bit!

Growing he is!  On the left is the diaper he currently wears.  On the right is the diaper he wore when he was first born and it was too big on him.  

CJ has loved swimming this summer! He splashes and kicks his legs like a little fish! 

CJ attended his first MLB baseball game at the Great American Ball Park  in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We were there to cheer on the Cubs as the played the Reds. The game started at 7:00pm and didn't get over until 10:30pm.  I was nervous that CJ would be fussy with it being way past his bedtime, but I couldn't have been more wrong!  He smiled the whole entire game, loved looking at the people, the lights, and EVERYTHING.  As soon as we got back into the car, he was out like a light.  He didn't need to be walked around, he ate his puffs and rice husks, drank from his sippy cup...such a happy baby! Even though Anthony Rizzo hit a homeroom, Cubs couldn't pull out a win.  We all felt like winners with this crew of  Cubs cousins! I like to think of them as Cubs Fans...the next generation! 

Photo: CJ first game! Go Cubs!  He's excited to see Alcantara's MLB debut.
CJ is learning to feed himself.  He can easily hold the rice husks and eat them.  He is working on being able to "pinch" the puffs with his fingers to put them in his mouth.  Of course, he loves to gather a hand full of them and shove them all in his mouth...good thing that they dissolve!  I tried to get a video of him doing this, but he decided to tell me a "story" instead.  He is quite the character this one!  Please excuse the messy face and food on his onesie.  Learning to feed yourself can be messy business! 

With CJ's 1st birthday only 2 months away, I've already been planning and scheming.  Here is a little teaser into what his theme will be....

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Happy Independence Day America!  We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to celebrate those heroes who fought and continue to fight for the freedom of Americans. 

The kids and I took full advantage of beautiful weather to take some pictures...which we then decided it was just a little too sunny and quickly moved out photo shoot indoors. Ironic?

 The 3 little loves of my blessed am I!  Lacey, age 4, CJ 9 months, Clayton age 6.

CJ's expression cracked me up...I can just hear him..."Oh brother..."

This Momma and her three babies...well, 2 aren't so much babies anymore..

We spent the 4th of July in Greensburg at my parents' house, other wise known as the  Tree City due to the tree growing out of the courthouse on the square. 

It really is the quintessential small town...middle in all the Mellancamp songs. 

We made our way to the town square to watch the parade.

After the parade it was back to my parents' house for some horsing around and some swimming.

Later that evening was some sky lanterns and some fireworks.

Happy Birthday America! We salute you!

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Pictorial Update

We've been super busy having super amounts of summer fun!

Clayton's been busy with swimming.....and losing teeth!  Clayton has learned how to swim across the pool underwater and jump off of the diving board and swim to the side.

CJ has been experiencing the "outside" for the first time.  He got to swim for his first time and loved it!

Although, all of the stimulus sure does tire him out quickly.

Lacey won't get out of the pool...even when she is shivering and her lips are turning blue! She has learned to hold her breath longer underwater is learning to swim underwater as well.  She loves wearing the goggles and looking at everything underwater.

The kids have been hanging out with friends and family and LOVING every minute of it!

We've been working on our tan...some parts of our bodies more than others...

We celebrated Lacey's one year post-op surgery from having her PDA fixed.  She is healthy and usually happy...God sure is amazing and GREAT! 

I've been so spoiled having all day with all THREE of my children.  CJ has been blossoming over the summer...and eating everything in sight!

We ripped out the carpet in our family room and put down wood flooring...we LOVE the new floor, the dogs not so much.

I've been stocking up on my snuggles with CJ since I'll be returning to teaching at the end of this month.  I'm sure going to miss being able to snuggle him whenever I want, but I'm so thankful to have had the year off with him and to return to such an amazing staff!

The kids got to experience their first horse races.  Clayton got to blow the trumpet to announce the horses on the track.  I think I was more excited that he got to do this than he was...but boy did Clayton love the betting of the races!

CJ loved the people watching...

Next up, a post from our super fun 4th of July!
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