Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Ready!

We are ready for Easter here! Our Easter outfits are picked out and ready for church....with the exception of Clayton's matching socks that are to be delivered....Clayton's Easter basket if filled, and the eggs are ready for hiding.

This morning, we finished getting ready for Easter by dying Easter eggs!

Clayton was still too little to really care about the process. When I gave him an egg, he of course thought that it was a basketball and tried to throw it. Here he is relaxed and watching the egg dying process.

Just a few of the eggs that we dyed drying...we make eggs for each one of us and of course Sampson too.

Our finished product! (The basketball eggs and basket are what I will be hiding for Clayton to find. His Easter basket is on the right with our beautiful dyed eggs in front.)

Clayton wasn't sure what to think about the Easter egg. At one point, he did try to put it in his mouth and I spend the next 5 minutes scrubbing the blue dye from his mouth.

Kids or no kids...dying Easter eggs is just plain fun!

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