Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Free Earth Day Ideas

So the Earth doesn't continue to feel like this...... are some FREE Earth Day ideas that you can do YEAR ROUND!!

One thing that I have also done is turning off the water when brushing your teeth. Don't let the water run when your toothbrush is not under the faucet. This will save GALLONS of clean, fresh water.

If you still use plastic bags when shopping (SHAME ON YOU!!) you can simply save them for your next trip to the store and reuse them...or I know that my Kroger actually has a drop off place to recycle them. I also use them as trash bags in my home or to pick up doggie do-do.

You can also use those bags to pick up litter. Next time you take a walk...take a bag and bring some litter home. Not only will you be burning calories...gotta get that bikini will be helping to get the Earth in shape as well!

Carpool! How many times do you stop what you are doing during the day to gossip with co-workers? (Definitely NOT me!!) By carpooling with them, not only do you still get your gossip from eavesdroppers...but I guarantee that your boss will give you 'snaps' for your increased productivity!

Ride a bike! Instead of driving a car..use a bike as your mode of transportation. This will save you money on gas...and just think...BIKINI BOD!!

**Bonus if you combine carpooling and bike riding!! **

There are so many other FREE ideas that you can do to protect the Earth on a daily basis. Did you notice how many also help you burn calories too?! Save the Earth and look good doing!! If you have any other ideas, leave a comment!!

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