Sunday, April 19, 2009

Out of Hibernation

Since spring finally decided to show up….and no, I’m not bitter at all that it finally appeared on my LAST day of “Spring Break”…. I decided that it was time for my feet to come out of hibernation. I treated them to a little foot spa day at the local nail place. I’ll tell you what, they did my feet right! I swear I heard my feet sigh while they were getting soaked, pumiced, and polished…here are my before (YIKES!) and my after (*sigh*) shots. I wouldn’t look too close to the before…if you know what I mean!

After....Not only was it time for my feet to come out of hibernation, but my tulips decided to also...and boy are they beautiful!

I decided that I needed to showcase my gorgeous tulips better...and yes, I am that crazy lady that talks to her plants...only the tulips though! So, Friday was also spent mulching around my lovely flowers and I added an edger around keep out anything that could potentially harm them. However, it does not protect them from wondering ducks or the neighborhood cat who has decided that my flowers and new mulch is the perfect restroom. Obviously, this cat doesn't know who it is dealing with...this means WAR!!

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