Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Drum Roll Please...drrrrrrrrr....

Master Bedroom repainted.....CHECK!!! It took me all day and two trips to Menard's for paint...but I got it done! Check another goal off of my Spring Break list. Thanks for your comments about what color to paint. I decided to go with the grayer looking color in the bedspread..after all, it is Curt's favorite color and he has to sleep in the room too! The color I used is called Black Rock. I repainted the trim also...which took forever with three doors in the room. I'm going to accent the room with red...thanks for the suggestion Rajean! Don't judge the room just yet...nothing is on the walls. I'll be sure to take pictures when it is all done!

Our bed looks sooo would never guess that it has a king mattress. The head board is over five feet tall and it could comfortable fit a California King with room to spare. My dad custom built this bed for Curt (who is 6'5") and I when we got married. It is literally HUGE but so beautiful!
I also got the trim painted in our bathroom too...I'd call it a master bathroom, however it is just the size of a regular bathroom and that would be an insult to the "true master bathrooms" of the world. Our bathroom is orange and khaki and I think that I will paint over the khaki with this color and leave the orange since it is in the bed...too perfect! Curt gave it a thumbs up. I also got paint for our half-bath downstairs which the trim is already repainted. I'll be posting pictures of the befores and afters of those bathrooms when I get to it.


  1. You're such a great painter, I think I may hire you (for no pay other than maybe pizza and beer!). Hee, hee, hee.

  2. Looks good thus far! I can't wait to see the completely finished product. By the way, your dad is the master of all master wood-workers! That bed is beautiful!