Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt X's 3

Big C had not 1....not 2...but 3 Easter egg hunts. Let's just say that the little dude definitely got the hang of hunting for eggs. The weather was a little chilly on Easter, so two of his egg hunts were held indoors. On Saturday, we had an egg hunt at our house for him. This was his first and I have to admit, I was a little (ok...ALOT) sentimental at watching my little boy walk around, pick up eggs, put them in the basket, and then go back for more solo. Oh, how I just love him!

Big C and, smiling like the sentimental idiot...Big C concerned with eating the 'yogurt bites' in the eggs and finding more before they are all gone! (Yes, Big C had yogurt bites, not candy in his eggs. These are like candy to him and so much healthier.)

Big C putting his finds in his basketball basket....can you tell we are a basketball family?
Big C finding yet another egg....notice my tulips ( I LOVE LOVE LOVE tulips) around our ADT sign? This says "We are protected, but in a classy way...ha! My loves! These two made my Easter AMAZING!!!!

Where did this little boy come from?! Last time I checked, Big C was still a baby, not this little boy!!!! (shudder, shudder) ................ stinkin' cute is he?!!!

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