Thursday, April 9, 2009

Check! Check!

Two of my bathrooms are repainted!! I am super proud of myself because I was able to get it all done while Clayton napped today....two bathrooms in three hours....go me!
Here is our "master bathroom" before......

....and AFTER!! (I still need to take the tape off and put it back together.) The gray is the same color in our bedroom and the orange was already there. I love these colors together!
To tie the bathroom into the bedroom, I'll be accenting with orange and yellow in here while accenting with red and orange in the bedroom.

Here is our half-bath. It was this color when we moved in. I liked it and kept if for the three years that we have lived here...but times are changing! (It is accented in silver/chrome/ gray..whatever you want to call it.)

Here it is after a fresh coat of Canterberry Rose paint. I'm going to keep the same color accents, but add a few little details.

I'll add new pictures when all of the rooms are updated. This leaves one bathroom and the loft and entryway trim and I can throw my list away!! Good thing that I have another week of Spring Break...I'm gonna need it!


  1. Holy cow! I can't believe you got that down while Clayton napped! You are a pro...

    Oh, all looks great!

  2. I love the purplish color! Very springy and makes me happy :)