Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Flattery Gets You EVERYTHING!

I bought my first pair of aviator sunglasses. I know, I know...I'm way behind times! However, I was still excited to get something "trendy." Last night I tried them on for my is the conversation.

Me: Guess what I bought?!

Husband: How much did it cost?

Me: $5.00....that's not the point, guess what I bought?!

Husband: (Sigh) What?

Me: (Jumping up and down like an idiot) AVIATORS!!!!

Husband: Huh?

Me: (exasperation in voice) Ugh...just look.

I try them on and turn to face him......

Husband: kinda look like Jessica Simpson.

Me: I love you! I love you! I LOVE YOU!!!

Yes...I did have the front/side braid in my hair too...

**Reality Check**
I do not now...nor ever have I looked remotely like Jessica Simpson. I am severely guilty of having a slight.....'girl crush' on her during her reality show "Newlyweds." (I own all episodes on DVD...and I'm not ashamed to admit it!!) In my defense....she was super stardom when I was wedding plannin' it up. She had the 'it' wedding during my time.

I am also NOT ASHAMED to admit that my wedding dress was very similar to hers....all lace covered. However, I doubt she got her wedding dress from David's Bridal....I don't think that Vera does David.......(Heehee....or maybe she does...hee hee).

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