Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ballin' It Up

This morning, Big C and I went to Uncle Adam, Aunt Stacy, and Collin's house to play and hang out. Collin and Big C are almost exactly one year apart. Big C was too small for Collin to take much notice of before, but out! Here are a few pictures from the boys ballin'.

Collin showed Big C how to make a basket....

..what he didn't realize is the Big C is semi-pro at this point with basketball.

To switch up the pace...Uncle Adam brought out Collin's indoor football field...Big C was amazed!

Here is Big C...contemplating a career in Football vs. a career in Basketball....don't tell Daddy!

We always have a great time hanging out with the Pollerts! We love you all! (Yes, even you Oliver!)

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  1. We loved having you guys and it is great seeing the boys having so much fun together!! Great post! Love you all....