Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break = Spring Cleaning

To get ready to paint out master bedroom tomorrow...Yah getting to check off another think off my list....I completely cleaned our room. I started with my closet (yikes) and dresser. I decided that if I hadn't worn the clothing in a year...worn, not looked at...then it was going to have to find a new closet to take up space. Two hours later and three HUGE trash bags full of clothes, I was done. I had gotten rid of so many clothes that I had an extra drawer in my dresser...hmm..what's a girl to do?! Do I buy more clothes to fill it...and have to go through this again, or do I get creative? So, I got creative. I don't like clutter and I have always felt that my jewelry laying on my dresser was just that, clutter. With my new empty drawer, I placed all of my "clutter" jewelry in it and VOILA...clutter free.

Then it was on to cleaning the walls and floor and moving everything (OK, not everything..just the things that didn't need to wait until my husband came home) out of the way to be paint ready tomorrow. As I'm doing this it hits me that I have yet to pick out the new color of the walls!!! I've decided to pick one of the dark colors from our bedspread since our furniture is light wood. Here is an up close picture of our bedspread.
I just haven't decided yet if I want the more gray color or the more brown color. My husband is no help since he wants everything his favorite color...gray. Our wall colors now match our old bedspread and as you can tell, just won't due with our new retro inspired spread.

Help!! Let me know which one you think I should go with...the grayish one or the brownish one!


  1. The brownish one with Orange!! Be daring.... But then again, you know I love colors!! Love you!!

  2. I was thinking more of the red color would look great when I first saw the bedspread. Have fun deciding!