Friday, May 29, 2009

Show Us Your 'Crib'

This week is children and nursery week. Big C is now almost a year and a half old which means that he is mobile and in to EVERYTHING!! His room now is the bare necessities also because my husband and I are very scared of SIDS. Here are pictures of his room, looking nice, BEFORE HE WAS BORN!

This room was also done on a budget....the furniture came from Target and after a year and half, it has held together VERY nicely! It is in a cherry finish.

The bedding all came from Wal Mart. I fell in love with the colors chocolate brown with teal for a boy or pink for a girl....we had a teal it was!

I got these letters from Hobby Lobby and stained them myself and added the ribbon to match. I love adding little touches like this to personalize a room. Curt painted the room while I was pregnant and he did a GREAT job! Big C's room is also the only room that has 'hard wood' laminate flooring.

Here is the changing table...before we had the pad. Now it holds everything that could imagine that you would need when changing a diaper or dressing a child.

Here he is! The little man whom the room was created for, with lots of love. As you can see...he is a wild man!

But we just LOVE him!!!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Would You?

If Jon and Kate Gosselin divorce, it wouldn't be the first of many reality TV couples whose show wedged itself between them and ultimately broke them apart.

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson started the reality TV couple parade....I still own all of their seasons on DVD...She is now dating Tony Romo...He is now dating Vanessa Minnillo.

Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker....this one time beauty queen and her drummer hubby called it splits even after having two children together and getting married on TV...however, we sometimes see them together....

Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro.......after these two got married on TV this sex kitten and rocker visited the 'BIG D'...and I don't mean Dallas. Even a couple like Hulk Hogan and his ex-wife Linda that had MANY years being married before reality TV couldn't stay together.

Hugh Hefner and The Girls' Next Door (Kendra Wilkinson, Holly Madison, and Bridget Marquette)....granted...they weren't married, but they were 'together' for at least five years before the massive split...even though it'm still counting it.

Not to mention....MOST of The Bachelors and The Bachlorettes.... those relationships were doomed from the beginning!

EXCEPT for Ryan and Trista cute! (However they got out while they could!)

So......would you?

Would you star in a reality TV show with your significant other? After knowing that most of the couples don't make it...along with being offered $47,000.00 an episode?

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jodi on The Early Show

Aunt Jodi's sister started a blog in hopes of protecting the Gosselin children and to create a law that protects children who are in reality TV shows. After the showed aired on Monday, I have been checking the blog. Today, she posted a video clip of Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jodi doing an interview on the Early Show. Check it's very interesting. Be sure to leave me a comment telling me what you think!

Watch CBS Videos Online

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Dressing for Work Hiatus

Ever have one of those days that you just feel like wearing sweats to work? You stand in the closet, look at your clothes, and think to yourself...."I have NOTHING to wear." Then, you may make the mistake of telling this to your which he will reply..."What do you mean?! You have so many clothes that I have to put mine in the guest closet because you take up the WHOLE walk in closet!" He will then get slapped by you.

This is all hypothetically of course.

That's EXACTLY the mood I was in'd think that with a short week, I'd be ready to go...nope. I decided to put on my most sweat-pant like went a little something like this....

Strapless Maxi Dress (in blue) from Forever 21 ($11).
Basic t shirt (black) underneath from Target ($5) to make it work appropriate.
Strappy flat (black) sandals also from Target ($15).

Big beaded (black) necklace...again from Target ($5) to "glam" it up.

Most of the items I have had in my closet for well over a year...I just mix and match them. So I went to work, feeling frumpy and CRAVING my sweats...but wouldn't you know....I got so many compliments on my outfit!
Most people that know me know that I have a hard time taking a compliment about my outfit WITHOUT telling you where I got it and how cheaply I got it....they also know I hardly ever by something that is NOT on sale. Here is how most of my conversations go...
PERSON: I like your dress.
ME: THANKS! I got it at Forever 21 on sale for like...$10! It's so comfy and I totally feel like I
am in my sweats!
PERSON (laughing at me): (run away)
ME: (smiling like an idiot so proud of my thriftiness thinking that it is totally awesome that I actually got a compliment on an outfit...SCORE!)
Yes...I can't believe that I actually have friends...can you?

On a VERY RANDOM alert.....flipping through the channels tonight and the news was on. I found out some news.
Newt Gingrich Twitters.

Hee...hee...for some reason, I find this hilarious!
Also...a little sad....
He is more technologically savy than I.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon (and/or/also?) Kate + 8

After giving myself enough time to think, talk, and read about the season premier of Jon Gosselin, Kate Gosselin Plus 8 (I really need to think of a new show title for it!)...I've finally came to some conclusions. And yes, like a the big dork that I am...I did take notes during the show to refresh my if I could forget the awkwardness that I sat through for 75 minutes.

  • They interviewed alone for most of the show. The ONE time that they were together, it was literally like pulling teeth to get them to talk. Kate said that their problems have been going on for about 6 months, but if she was really being honest, it has been longer than that.
  • Jon looked TERRIBLE! He had huge bags under his eyes and was slouched back and just plain sloppy.
  • Kate, on the other hand, who is she? She was completely done up in hair, make up, nails...and short skirts. How does she take care of all of her kids done up like that? My guess is that she doesn't...and when she admitted that one of her kids called her the babysitter's name...well...that just solidified how little she currently does.
  • However...they both still had on their wedding rings...not that it really meant anything. You did not see them together...except for the very end at a cook out which I am convinced that it was totally staged. Also...when Kate was home, Jon was gone. When Jon was home, Kate was gone. They were not in the house at all together or at the birthday party together. This was a rare moment that they were close...and I think that was strictly for the show.

  • Kate seemed to blame everything on Jon...I'm not saying that I am on his side, does the song go?...."It takes twwooo babyyyy".
  • Kate mentioned SIX times that she had to plan the birthday party by herself because Jon "wanted the day off." However, I am not sure how much she actually did considering that her "PAs" did the set up while she did what she does best...stand around, direct/order, and complain. I also noticed that she didn't help the kids get dressed, put out fights, or even make or clean up their lunch...must be nice to have housekeepers, maids, assistants, and nannys.

  • At one point during the party...after Jon pulled up in his two seater car...practical? Yum, not with 8 kids of the little girls told him that she didn't want him to leave again. He blamed it on work....RIGHT! (Not) Where does he go? Where does he stay? Does he stay alone?

  • Kate said that parents of multiples have a higher divorce rate and she never thought that she might be that statistics..but now she isn't so sure. She said that they "turned into 2 different people." My question is...what turned you into two different people? Was it the kids....or was it the media attention? If you look at Kate...her appearance did change, and I doubt that it was a result of how involved of a parent she is becoming...her career has became her baby now.

  • Sadly...if they think that they are keeping their marital problems from their children they are greatly mistaken. From the comments made by their daughter to the need for attention from the twins...these kids are hurting. The problem and utter sadness is that both parents are too wrapped up in themselves to see.

    Did anyone else just feel awkward watching?

Almost shouldn't be watching?

Thoughts? Comments?

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Monday, May 25, 2009

JK+8 Season 5

Did you watch?

I'm sure you watched.

EVERYONE watched.

Even my dog watched.

My head is still doing flip-flops taking in all of the differences and things that both Jon and Kate said...and still analyzing them too. I'll be posting a list of things that I noticed (I'd love to hear your comments/thoughts on the show too!) tomorrow, but for now...I'll leave you with one conclusion I made.

They are split and they have been for awhile.

The really sad part...the older girls know exactly what is going on...oh, how my heart breaks for them.

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Memorial Day Re-do

Ah...Memorial Day....time for grilling out, hanging out, and laughing out, right? Unless you live in this house...then it is a day for SPRING CLEANING OUT!

The day started with a nice sleeping in 'til 9:00am (Thanks Big C!) ...then, after breakfast it was game on for cleaning out the garage, changing out 2.5 light fixtures...(yes, 2.5...I'd like to NOT discuss how one light fixture is only half way done THANKYOUVERYMUCH) ....scrubbing kitchen/dinning room floors, vacuuming ...well...everywhere...scrubbing toilets/showers/sinks/counters/etc........and if that is not enough, I decided to give our living room a 'new do' by rearranging our furniture.

Ok..listen up...if you ever feel very blah about your house, I HIGHLY suggest rearranging your furniture. I gave our living room a completely new look and feel (Yah me!) and spent $0!!

The living room before.....

The living room after....

I broke up our couch and put them facing each other. I felt that this not only opens the room up very nicely, but is also puts more of an emphasis on conversing with one another rather than the TV. I also rearranged the end tables and rotate picture frames along with lighting to give the room a new look.

One of my favorite things that we have is this picture frame that has our wedding invitation engraved on one side and an engagement picture of us on the other. This was on top of our TV before and I feel like it is better showcased now.

This shelf has always been on the wall and has always held my wedding bouquet (we got married almost 4 years ago in the middle of July...and my flowers look the same..minus a little dust). When Curt saw the room he asked if the shelf was always there..success!

Another end table picture nook.
Big C loved the new arrangement...he looks like a mini person typing on a laptop! your tivo set? I'm counting down the time...less than 2 hours before the premier of Jon and Kate Plus 8 excited/nervous/curious...
I need a drink.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

From Jail Suit to Racing Suit

Helio Castroneves took home the coveted Borg-Warner Trophy as the 2009 Indy 500 winner.

Lucky for him, he got out of jail in enough to time to win the race.
The trophy will go on his mantle in between his Dancing With The Stars trophy and his shackles.

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Indianapolis 500

It's race day here in Hoosier state. Know what that means for me, who lives 30 minutes from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

Plenty of drunken, sweaty race faces drinkin' beer and sweatin' while watching one of these drivers.....

race to the finish line to drink the traditional glass of milk and wear the traditional wreath and win the 'Greatest Spectacle in Racing' and earn the Borg-Warner Trophy.

Where will I be?

Sitting in a pool.

Good luck drivers.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Livin' in the Dinin' Room

This week on....


Our Dinning room has been used much more since we had Big C. I'll tell you is a lot easier to clean smashed peas off of the wooden floor vs carpet! I recovered the dinning room chairs myself after a marathon of watching TLC's Trading Spaces. They made it look easy and quick on the show...however after 3 HOURS LATER....I was done with the 'quick/easy' process. (Our kitchen has two red walls...thus the matching red fabric on the chairs.

One of the things that I love about the dinning room is sliding glass doors. Even if you are sitting inside, you feel like you are outside...especially when they are open and a nice breeze is coming through.

The center piece on our table reflects that season/holiday that we are currently going though. Since my birthday was on Monday, our center piece is some of my lovely...and hilarious...birthday cards along with my staple....Tiffany & Co. candle sticks.

Big C looks too good here to eat! He was 6 months old when these pictures were taken on a whim at the photographers...however, they are one of my favorite pictures of him.

I love this nook in our dinning room. I use the cabinet to store our cookbooks and my hand painted plate from Italy. Not to mention...Sampson's heart worm meds. The climbing tree wine rack was a gift from my sister...too bad we can never keep wine in it!

On top is the first ever picture of Big C and I taken professionally. We did it as a surprise for Curt for Valentine's Day. He still has it on his desk.

In our china china...but plenty of crystal. The crystal set that I have was given to us as wedding presents from my sister, Mom, and Dad. They are so cute! They have little daisies carved into them. They are truly special to us.
We also store our pilsner glasses there....again...very special to us.

My favorite crystal piece.....our Tiffany & Co. crystal champagne flutes with the daisies carved in them. These were the glasses that Curt and I first toasted with as husband and wife....many moons ago.

Almost four years later.......
the flutes and our marriage are still holding strong.

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