Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

This Mother's Day, as I was showered with love and gifts from Big C and Big Girl C, I came to the realization that I love to create memories with them even more.  This year, part of my gift was spending time creating our family tree through handprints.  Even though I have said this before, this has been the BEST Mother's Day ever!

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

2nd Birthday LONG Over Due

Yes, this post is LONG OVER DUE, and yes, even now as I write it, it is very hard for me to realize that my sweet baby girl is 2 years old...well, 2 years and almost 4 months now...but who's counting?   Baby C....or, I guess she should be called Big Girl C...BGC?.... turned 2. However, she thought that 2 yrs old = 16 years old!  Boy have we got an awakening!  
Big Girl C had a Candy Land themed birthday party. I was determined to go all out, but with in budget.  I'm happy to say I DID IT!!  All of her decorations and food were created by me and her father with love...a little sweat and tears, but mostly love!

Of course, the princess had to have a candy/cake table...

With frosty kid friendly beverages...big kid beverages outside....  

 Her cake was covered in candy galore with the inside a collage of colors to stay themed...

  Her birthday marked her 2nd year of life and the confirmation again that without her, our lives would not be complete. 

Dear Lacey,

     Oh girl... you are giving your father, brother, and I a run for our money!  You are our wildly stubborn girl who knows what she wants and likes and makes sure that you get it.  You never want your hair to be styled and as soon as I do, you rip it out!  You insist on choosing your clothes and if you don't get your way, nothing gets accomplished!  Lacey, you are the brightest 2 year old I have ever met!  You can count to 15 all on your own, sing numerous songs, identify multiple letters, speak in complete phrases, sentences, and paragraphs, jump, run, skip, climb....however, it all has to be on your own terms.  I love that you are strong minded and curious about everything. I love that you command presence just by being you. I will never get over watching you turn on your charm for innocent bystanders...usually your father and brother.  You have them so wrapped around your little finger that you make a sound, and they come running to check on you! Your giggle and laughter is the sound of angles singing and when you decide to give hugs and kisses its like floating in heaven.  Lacey, I love that you challenge me as a mother every day with patience and creativeness.  I'm so very proud you in everything that you do.  You continue to amaze me every day with something new that you have learned and showed me.  Thank you for simpley being you and loving me. 

I love you wild girl,


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