Monday, April 6, 2009

SB Goals/ Reality TV Updates

I can officially check one of my spring break goals off of my list....paint Baby Oliver's nursery. However...I was sworn to secrecy on the pictures of the room....and I make it a point never to go against my prego sister...unless it is worth the consequences. So, instead of posting pictures of the new room....sigh...I'll post a couple of pictures of my nephew Collin's room that I painted for him before he was born, over two years ago. This room was perfect for a newborn and functions great for a two year old on the go. I painted, my sister taped off...well...everything. This room took one evening to paint and then touch up the next day. (The room I painted today took 3 hrs...that's the only hint you'll get from me!)

**I've also painted her loft teal/brown striped and a bathroom...I'm guessing that when she wants to redo her bedroom I'm who she will call.
Tonight as I was making dinner, Clayton did his version of helping...which consisted for getting everything out from under the cabinets and throwing them around the kitchen. He thought this was great fun...I was on the fence about it. In his defense, he did help me put back the 30 plastic knives, spoons, and forks that were strewn about the kitchen.

Spring Break= Snow? Soooo cold this morning (low 30's with rain/sleet) that I broke out Clayton's hat that not only covers his head, but has little flaps on the side to cover his ears. It is a little too big on him, so it also covers his neck. I just thought he looked too cute. (He was trying to put the lid back on the juice...always Mommy's helper!)

****Jon and Kate Plus 8 UPDATE*****
Season 5? That was the question we were all left with at the season...or series....finale of the show at the end of March. On April 2nd, TLC announced that there WILL BE a season 5. Many favorites will be back including Little People, Big World, 18 Kids and Counting, and What Not To Wear. Also, TLC is adding about 19 new series to their schedule....get your TIVO's ready!!
***Giveaway to benefit Relay for Life***
TSharee is doing an April giveaway that proceeds go to the Relay for Life. You can visit her blog for more details on it but I will tell you that the giveaway includes at 10 piece cookware set made by Paula Deen. I, for one, think that the Relay for Life is a great cause and donate to it every year. If I get a chance to win new cookware, well, that's just an added bonus! (If it helps me cook like Paula Deen, well, that's an added bonus for my husband!)

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