Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prom Do? Prom Don't?

I'm diggin' this 'do. To me it says "I secretly spent hours on my hair but I will only tell you that I threw it up last minute." And "I rock."

What do you think? Is this my Prom 'Do? Or my Prom Don't?

By the way....I totally dig Carrie Underwood too.....

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hair Don'ts

With prom on my brain, I've been thinking about what to do with my 'mop-o-hair'. Should I wear it up? Down? Some up with some down? Or, as my ever helpful sister suggested, side ponytail? (I'm not dissing the side pony fact, a low side pony tail can be cute and elegant. However, she was not talking about THAT one. She wants the side pony tail that looks like it is coming out from your ear in a side horn...again...she is so helpful.) All this got me thinking about "hairtastrophes."

Recently, my husband and I were at an AAU league basketball game when the most impressive rat tail walked by! I immediately looked at him, he looked at me, and we both wished that we had a camera to capture the endangered hair don't known as the rat tail. This hair style's characteristics include short hair all over, except for about a 2 inch patch of hair right at the base of the hairline in the back. This patch should be grown long...very similar to, in fact, a rat's tail...hence the name. Bonus points if the Rat Tail is BRAIDED!!

The Rat Tail should not be confused with the MULLET. The best way that I can describe the mullet is "business in the front and party in the back." Short hair on the front half of your head and long hair in the back creates the hair's split personality. I've seen both male and female mullets...none are pretty.
And...of course...there is the mohawk. Don't confuse the mohawk with faux-hawks. Faux-hawks are sad impersonators of the coveted mohawk. A mohawk for those of you who don't know (seriously?! These people exists?) is short hair on the sides with a long strip of hair down the middle. The long hair MUST be spiked...I mean, what's the point of having it then.

The mohawk is truly created by those brave souls. Here is Big C sporting his 'faux-after-bath-hawk' courteous of my husband.

But always...when in doubt.....take a page out of the Big C's book and cover up that do or don't with a hat!
These dos are all don'ts for prom.
Sadly, few will try.
None will succeed.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My blog got a SURPRISE new 'do!! A wonderfully talented designer named Jennisa took my ideas and created them for my blog. Thank you to Jennisa!! Thank you to my sister for the wonderful early birthday present!


To answer some of your questions, the question mark is simply for the "possibilities" of other things. If you know me, you know that my mind is I can come up with some wild ideas...let along comments. The question mark is also for the times when my mind is literally blank......

If you are thinking about getting a new look for your blog, I would check out Jennisa at Once Upon a Blog. She is very creative and fast. She even did some of my blog on her that is just dedication!!

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Monday, April 27, 2009


Alright ladies!! Find your favorite dress......

...choose the perfect updo.....

...and don't forget the corsage...
...'cause this girl is going to prom!! My husband was asked to chaperon prom. I think that he was putting off telling me about it, because of course, in my true fashion, I got overly excited! Our 'prom' is this weekend and I've already been thinking about what dress to wear...what my hair should be polish..oh my! (And I am only chaperoning!!) I'll be posting some of my favorite blast from the past prom photos throughout the week. If you have any good photos to share, send them my way!

P.S. The surprise is yet to come...and it's not what you are thinking!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Giveaway Winners!!

Congratulations to everyone who commented for the RuMe bags giveaway! You are all winners in my book...therefore you will all be receiving a RuMe Bag! Email me your address and you will receive one of these bags in the mail. Did you know that this big bag can fold down to.....

this? How cool is that?! I have these three in my purse now!

Congratulations again to you who posted a comment! I thank you and so does the Earth!
**Surprise is still coming soon! Check back!**

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Surprise.....

Check back for a surprise!

*Don't forget...add a comment to the post yesterday in order to enter yourself to win a RuMe bag and tell what someone would find in your RuMe bag if they looked. In my bag would be books, diapers, gum, a spoon, and flip flogs...random...yes!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Giveaway!!!

I'm jumping on the GIVEAWAY bandwagon in honor of Earth Day. I posted yesterday about ditching the use of plastic bags (or at least recycling them). Instead of plastic bags, you can buy inexpensive and super cute reusable bags. These bags also fold up small to fit in your purse (if you have a purse like me, you can fit about 20 with room to spare), but can hold about the same amount of 3-4 plastic bags...without breaking!!! (There is nothing more frustrating than carrying in your groceries and the plastic bag handles break..ugh!) I found these adorable (or manly bags if you are a male reading this) at RuMe. Celebrities have even been 'caught' using them! The best part is celebrity swag WITHOUT the celebrity price tag! These bags are UNDER 10!!!

Nicole Richie and Benji Madden are seen below caring the 'Spring in NY-Hamptons' RuMe bag With their adorable little girl at home and one on the way, you betcha that they will be able to fit many baby items in here!

Jessica Alba loves these bags so much, she has TWO of them! She is seen here carrying the

...and here carrying the 'Spring in NY-5th Ave.' bag. (Notice she is not using a plastic water bottle? She is using a REUSABLE one?! BONUS girlfriend!)

Even your car can look like a celebrity, no matter the make or model!!

So....drum roll please..... drrrrrrrrr.....I will be GIVING AWAY one of these awesome bags. To encourage you to "Go Green" (or at least be more conscious of it) I will be giving away the green 'Spring in NY-GREENwich' bag.

To enter to win, please visit the RuMe website and take a look around (with the bags UNDER $10, you may want to purchase a few to go with this bag if you win it). Send me a comment on this post by this Saturday. In your comment, I want to know if someone peaked in your bag...what would they find? I'll announce the winner on Sunday through a random drawing.
Think Pink! and Go Green!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Free Earth Day Ideas

So the Earth doesn't continue to feel like this...... are some FREE Earth Day ideas that you can do YEAR ROUND!!

One thing that I have also done is turning off the water when brushing your teeth. Don't let the water run when your toothbrush is not under the faucet. This will save GALLONS of clean, fresh water.

If you still use plastic bags when shopping (SHAME ON YOU!!) you can simply save them for your next trip to the store and reuse them...or I know that my Kroger actually has a drop off place to recycle them. I also use them as trash bags in my home or to pick up doggie do-do.

You can also use those bags to pick up litter. Next time you take a walk...take a bag and bring some litter home. Not only will you be burning calories...gotta get that bikini will be helping to get the Earth in shape as well!

Carpool! How many times do you stop what you are doing during the day to gossip with co-workers? (Definitely NOT me!!) By carpooling with them, not only do you still get your gossip from eavesdroppers...but I guarantee that your boss will give you 'snaps' for your increased productivity!

Ride a bike! Instead of driving a car..use a bike as your mode of transportation. This will save you money on gas...and just think...BIKINI BOD!!

**Bonus if you combine carpooling and bike riding!! **

There are so many other FREE ideas that you can do to protect the Earth on a daily basis. Did you notice how many also help you burn calories too?! Save the Earth and look good doing!! If you have any other ideas, leave a comment!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have a subscription to a celebrity smut magazine.

I've had this subscription for three years.

I look forward each week to my magazine.

I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Yes, I do get made fun of by various friends/relatives that visit our house for owning a subscription. However, after laying eyes on the magazine, they all pick it up and begin reading through it claiming that they need to get "updated" by ways of MY SUBSCRIPTION!! With eye catching, thought provoking front page covers like....

How do you not pick it up and flip through?! Today I received my weekly subscription and as soon as Big C went to sleep for the night, I sat down and began my ritual of reading it from coverith to coverith. Halfway through I came across a small article on everyones' favorite family of 10 (+2 dogs) the Gosselins. The small one paragraph article claimed that Jon admits to having marital problems, but also swears to never cheating on Kate. The family has an article in Ladies' Home Journal magazine's May issue.

After I little more researching (or stalking...whatev..) online, I was able to find the gist of the article. (Yes, I would have went and bought it if this was not found!)
Here are some excerpts from the interview -

On the state of their marriage
Jon: I am not perfect. This struggle has definitely put some tension in our marriage. But I never cheated on Kate. Kate and I are together.
About how Jon saw his future
Jon: I always thought I’d be, like, 54 years old and marry a 19-year-old or something.
About the loss of privacy
Kate: The fact that we are recognized, screamed at, mobbed and so often approached when we’re together does make life difficult.
Jon: Kate and I maybe have 10 minutes together while we’re cleaning up the kitchen, but otherwise it’s the kids and the show and meeting and, well, see you next Christmas, Kate.
About their roles as parents
Jon: It’s a tough thing, breaking this stereotype that you’re worthless if you’re a stay-at-home parent. People still define one another by their careers… Kate’s a type A personality, and I’m a giver.
About their fans
Kate: I don’t get it. I’m just a mom who’s doing her best – not unlike moms everywhere. I just happen to have a few more kids than the average.
Their advice for Octomom Nadya Suleman
Kate: Just take one day at a time, accept a lot of help and try to use the little moments that arise to connect with each kid.
About life pre-sextuplets
Kate: I wouldn’t return to those days. We think of the TV show as our family job, one that lets us stay home together.

Comments? Thoughts? Opinions? My jury is still out...especially after watching the episode that aired this week about the Gosselins "Going Green."

Monday, April 20, 2009

Race Day Swag

I was working out last night (success! no falling!) and saw a lady wearing the Race for the Cure tshirt (thus the following blog ensued.)

Each year, a tshirt is designed for the Race for the Cure. Three years ago, an updated design was created. Each year the design stays the same, but the colors change...this year pink and green was the theme.

Also FUZE drinks passed out NUMEROUS of these cute capes....I saw them on kids, adults, dogs....everywhere...soo cute!!

The last bit of swag was by far the smallest...but left the most impact on me. As we were walking to the starting line, a man handed us a key chain. I saw it was pink with circles…cute. After further investigation, I noticed that the key chain had four different sized circles. On each circle there was a word. When reading each order from smallest to largest, it read “I AM THE CURE.” Reading these words over and over in my mind was very empowering. However, when I read the insert that came with it… dedication to finding a cure was even more instilled in me.

The smallest circle represents the average size lump detected by yearly mammogram when past films can be compared. The next tag shows the average size lump found by a first mammogram. The next one: the average size lump found by a woman doing her regular breast self-exams. The largest tag, about the size of a half-dollar, represents a lump found by accident. Now this sizing chart may not be entirely accurate, still, these tags are a nice visual of the varying sizes of lumps. Seeing the difference between a tumor detected in its earliest stages and one found by accident is quite sobering. For those women who are not update on their mammograms or self breast exams, hopefully this was the push they needed to protect themselves.

The key chain insert reads: Did this giveaway educate you about breast cancer?

Ummm, heck no other.

And I hope this post educated you.

Burp Clothes Giveaway

My friend Bethany is doing a giveaway on her blog. She has hand made baby burp clothes. All that you have to do visit her blog and post a comment. You can have a second entry if you post on your blog about her giveaway. (Yes that is right...I now have 2 entries.)

Race for the Cure

On Saturday, Indianapolis held the Race for the Cure raising money for the Susan G. Komen foundation in the hopes of educating about breast cancer, providing mammograms for women, and finding a cure for this horrible disease. I, along with 42,000 other participates spent our morning walking/running in the 5k race. (This was the second largest number of participants in Indy’s history!) The weather was beautiful, the survivors were decked in their pink shirts and boas, and there was HOPE in the air! Here are a few pictures from this amazing morning.

Just a few of my closest friends(42,000) and I...the pink women is made from women who survived breast cancer...some even TWICE! GOD IS GOOD!!

A few of the Indianapolis Colts were on hand to shower their can kinda see Bob Sanders in the black hat in the top right hand corner.

Let the race begin....

....but not until after a photo shoot! T and I sporting our shades.

It's amazing that I have any friends!! In my race day garment.

T with her dog Annabell. (T is 7 months preggers and walked 3 miles without breaking a sweat..she is a machine!!) Annabell wore a shirt that was pink and said "I walk for my human."

Literally, it was a sea of people...the front ......

....the back....

The course takes us past the Indianapolis Zoo. Every year that I participate in the race...which is EVERY YEAR....the zoo keepers show their support and encouragement by 'dressing up' an elephant with a race day costume. This picture is a little hard to tell...but this elephant has pink ribbon 'earrings' on each ear and a Susan G. Komen pink ribbon CUTE!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Swing Monkey, SWING!

Big C had his first experience swinging on Friday. As you can tell from the video...SUCCESS!

Yes...Mommy didn't get out of the way fast enough and got a kick in the head....maybe that's why Big C is laughing so much.......

Out of Hibernation

Since spring finally decided to show up….and no, I’m not bitter at all that it finally appeared on my LAST day of “Spring Break”…. I decided that it was time for my feet to come out of hibernation. I treated them to a little foot spa day at the local nail place. I’ll tell you what, they did my feet right! I swear I heard my feet sigh while they were getting soaked, pumiced, and polished…here are my before (YIKES!) and my after (*sigh*) shots. I wouldn’t look too close to the before…if you know what I mean!

After....Not only was it time for my feet to come out of hibernation, but my tulips decided to also...and boy are they beautiful!

I decided that I needed to showcase my gorgeous tulips better...and yes, I am that crazy lady that talks to her plants...only the tulips though! So, Friday was also spent mulching around my lovely flowers and I added an edger around keep out anything that could potentially harm them. However, it does not protect them from wondering ducks or the neighborhood cat who has decided that my flowers and new mulch is the perfect restroom. Obviously, this cat doesn't know who it is dealing with...this means WAR!!

Well, Hello Spring!

Just as the last day of my two week Spring (Sure didn't feel like spring!) Break hit, so did SPRING!! The lure of the great outdoors was too much to that is where I could be found. With great weather....I've landscaped...(first timer here!) books in the sun...(Jen's last book is a knee slapper).....played non stop with Big C at the park, backyard...etc...and participated in the Race for the Cure.

I will post later about my wonderful fun filled days.....however...someone one...not naming any names Big ready for some breakfast....and someone ready for some coffee!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Work Out Warning

When going to a gym to work I try to do.....I load myself up with things to do during working out so that I forget that I am there. I bring the ipod...fully charged (one time the battery in the ipod went dead, thus did my working out until the battery was recharged)....a book or magazine..(making sure that there is enough to read to last the ENTIRE work out)....water...(you would be amazed at how much time you can spend NOT working out by walking to the water fountain)....cell phone .....(shhheesshh...I'm going to ruin any one's work out by talking on it, I put it on vibrate and text!).

So, this morning, fully loaded down with my 'distractions' I head to the gym, actually excited to work out so that I can continue reading (and finish go me!) the second Jen Lancaster book...

I hope on the elliptical machine and start reading...which instantly takes me into the far away place of Chicago and one of Jen's many stories about her life. This time it was working out.

When working out in public and reading a Jen Lancaster book, you should be aware that a few things could happen to you. (A) You will be so completely enthralled in your book that you begin laughing out loud hysterically thus ensuing stares from fellow exercisers....they stare trying to figure out why you are enjoying your work out so much more than they are...that or they want you to kindly shut the f-up so they can finish watching CNN or MSNBC in peace. (B) You might fall off exercise machine due to laughing so hard that you can't keep your balance...thus inviting more stares and even dirty looks. (C) Limp your way back on to your machine and continue reading...and reading...and reading...only to find out that instead of doing 40 minutes, you have in fact done 60 minutes at the higher level. Due to this, when you do stop (only because you have finished your book...yah me!...ummm...yah you) you again fall....this time not only stares, dirty looks, but some laughter from your fellow exercisers. (D) You will be extremely sweaty from the extra exertion...however, you don't notice or care because you just finished reading the funniest book ever!
Just saying this could's not like I know from personal experience or anything.........
P.S. Totally wore my aviators and front/side one mistook me for Jessica Simpson. Guess she doesn't sweat that much after a 60 minute cardio workout.....excuse me while I limp to shower now.