Monday, August 18, 2014


This is how little CJ bathes in a BIG bath tub! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

CJ at 11 Months

Hey CJ....Guess what?! 

You were born 11 months ago!  You are almost 1 year old!

 I know!  I can't believe it either! Our miracle baby is 11 months old and healthy and happy.  We couldn't be more over the top in love with him!

At 11 months old CJ, who came home on a feeding tube, is eating EVERYTHING that he can get his hands on!  The majority of his diet consists of baby food, but he does eat "real people food."  I am hesitant to give him too much of this food since he really only has 2 bottom teeth and I'm still conscious of his possible milk protein allergy.  He has eaten mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, all different kinds of bread, different types of rice, and anything else that I have to eat that he can easily mash with his little gums.  He drinks from his sippy cup and still nurses 3 times a day.  

CJ is full time at the babysitter with his sister while I am teaching during the day. He has made the transition to go to the babysitter rather seamlessly and I couldn't be more relieved.  He loves that attention he gets there and getting to interact with different people.
   CJ is working on getting his top middle teeth, which have finally broken through, but have not yet came all the way in.

Oh this teething business is rough...but necessary.

As for mobility, CJ is not yet crawling but he gets where he needs to be by rolling and "inch-worming"  to his toys.  He also scoots himself all around in this walker.  He will definitely walk before he crawls, but this is the exact same with his brother and sister.  He has started to pull up on objects.  He will "dance" when he is sang to or hears music.  It is the cutest thing...we do this often with him.  If you know our family personally or read this blog regularly, you know that often break out into spontaneous dance parties...which may not be so spontaneous if we do it so often...hmmm...

Getting "tummy time" is hit or miss now since he knows he can roll out of it....

Oh those feet...always straight up in the air...just like the little monkey he is...

CJ is wearing size 3 diapers and wearing 9-12 month clothing.  He sits in his high chair by Clayton and Lacey when eating and loves that he can be right next to them. They don't like it too much when he reaches over and tries to take food off of their plate...but Mom and Dad think it's hilarious! 

These frames Lacey found and were wearing them. Luckily, CJ's eyes have always been healthy, but he sure is cute in these frames!

He still prefers to sleep with his hands and arms up by his head, but he has started to sleep on his side or flip to his stomach when sleeping.

 He still loves his muslin blankets, loves cuddling with them and chewing on them for teething.  He has become more vocal with his squealing and "talking".

I love on the weekends that he gets up a little bit earlier than his brother and sister so that we get some one-on-one time.  He is just the most precious little miracle and the sweetest little love.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

First Days of School

School is back in session for all 5 of us starting Monday. Curt is starting his 3rd year as a principal (10th year in education) and I'm starting my 9th year as a teacher after being off all last year with CJ.

   Our first born will be starting his first day of first grade. He is beyond ready and super excited! 

Lacey will start her last year in pre-school at the babysitters. 

Our miracle baby will start his first time ever at the babysitters.

No one is nervous...everyone is excited and we couldn't be more proud of our wonderful crew!