Wednesday, April 30, 2014

iPhone Pictures

Here's what we've been up to told by the pictures on my phone. 

Happy Easter! 

Big boy eating lots of food and learning to feed himself. 

Listening to big brother read. 

Enjoying the Spring weather...when it's Springy. 

Enjoying her spunk...most of the time. 

Being smiley and just plain awesome. 

Monkey Butt...enough said. 

Eating homemade chocolate chip pancakes. 

Growing...way too fast...

Wearing babies like Mommy...

 Snuggles...lots of snuggles! 

Friday, April 11, 2014

CJ at 7 Months Old

Hello 7 month old! 

CJ has made so many big milestones within the pastmonth, I couldn't be more proud of him! He is finally sleeping in his crib, in his room, without his Mama for the first time! Of course I have the baby monitor on and cranked up as loud as it will go, but he has done wonderful!  He goes to bed at 8:30 pm and wakes up at 6:30am...which I believe is to see Clayton before he leaves for school.  He is getting to be so big...completely out growing all of his 0-3 month clothing, and the 3-6 month will be too small soon! 

His biggest milestone by far has to do with his O2 assistance. He had a sleep study to determine if and how many Apnea episodes he has while sleeping, if he is able to get into a deep sleep, and if he able to keep his O2 saturation level up on his own. The sleep study started at 7:00pm and ended at 5:00am. It started with hooking him up to multiple machines  with multiple wires...

The rational side of me knows these wires don't hurt him, just annoy him more than anything. The Momma-Bear in me just wanted to rip them all off of him, snatch him up and go running for the hills screaming at the top of my lungs that my baby is fine, just fine.  I was not ready for this. I had images of him playing in my head of being in the NICU with wires and tubes on him. Irrational...I know...but this is my miracle baby we are talking about. 

CJ slept wonderfully...we were actually able to leave early since he slept so well. sleep at all...but that's ok because our day was filled with snuggles, cuddles, and naps. 

The best part of the sleep study was by far the results. While he still has some apnea episodes, they are only partial constrictions and he is able to keep his O2 saturation at 97%. He is able to get into a deep sleep...which is the sleep where your body gets the most rest and recuperation.  What does all of this mean? It means no more of this trailing around my house...

AND no more of these O2 tanks in our house or mobile ones in our cars!  That's right! CJ IS O2 ASSISTANCE FREE!!! (Hey O2 tanks, don't let the door hit you on your way out...yes, I moved them to the door waiting to be picked up as soon as I got the call!)

No more sticky tender grips on this sweet face...oh and the kisses! Kisses ALL OVER his cheeks!! 

Another major milestone has been his graduation to baby food, yes, he still nurses through out the day.  He is eating 3 meals of baby food a day, working on drinking from a sippy cup, and "chewing" on hard munchables to help with teething. TEETHING!?!?!? Can you believe it!?!?  (Back off Monkey! It's MY carrot!)  Since he has been doing so well with eating, we are going to hopefully be graduating from Speech soon! His next session could possibly be his last! Woohoo! 

We are so looking forward to the end of RSV season and warmer weather! Mama had to try out his shorts in him one day...looks more like a skirt, but still so freaking cute seeing his chunky legs sticking out! 

I'm looking forward to having him experience life outside of our house and be in the Great Outdoors! 

He is such a curious and inquisitive baby. I think he is getting so bored being stuck inside! He also gets so frustrated when he can't get his limbs to do what he wants, when he wants.

He has quite the personality on stinkin' lovable! He is a hoot I tell you, quick to smile and laugh and squeal! 

Oh CJ... You make me feel so incredibley blessed to be your Mama. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools...I got YOU!

In our family, believe it or not, I'm not the biggest joker...Curt far. BUT today, I got them all..good! I know Curt will get me back some day, some how...but today was totally worth it. Let's just say I sent him this at work today...

Followed up with " APRIL FOOLS!" Next, Clayton and Lacey were the recipients. I told them that we were having sort and worms for dinner. Of course they thought I was joking, then I pulled this out...

Clayton promptly got tears in his eyes..."I'm sorry, but I'm not eating that and you can't make me." 

Then I opened the top and yelled..."April Fools! I got you!" 

Needless to say, he was relieved and I was overly excited...remember, I don't get out much! 

 I'm sure I'll get pranks back...ten fold...but it was totally worth it! Mommy wins! 
CJ is not amused with my shenanigans.