Friday, April 3, 2009

Woo! Spring Break! Woo!

I'm officially on Spring Break and it feels GREAT!! More often or not, Spring Break would find me something like this......

However, times have changed! This year, my spring break will find me more like this....

Interior House Painting is the theme of my Spring Break this year. I'm going to be painting a baby Oliver's nursery at my sister's house, repainting all 3 of my bathrooms, my master bedroom, and repainting all of the trim in my house. These are lofty goals I know, but with a two week Spring Break I'm optimistic that it can and will be done!

** I will post before and after pictures of each. One more week of no sweets...still holding STRONG!!! **


  1. Since you are in such a painting mood...I have a kitchen, a stairwell, an entire bedroom, trim in another bedroom, and a bathroom that could use a paint job! Come on out to Iowa!

  2. I'll do painting on Spring Break...but not painting and a TON of snow!!! :)...sorry, but you're on your own with that one! Give Dallas a paint brush...hee hee