Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Giveaway!!!

I'm jumping on the GIVEAWAY bandwagon in honor of Earth Day. I posted yesterday about ditching the use of plastic bags (or at least recycling them). Instead of plastic bags, you can buy inexpensive and super cute reusable bags. These bags also fold up small to fit in your purse (if you have a purse like me, you can fit about 20 with room to spare), but can hold about the same amount of 3-4 plastic bags...without breaking!!! (There is nothing more frustrating than carrying in your groceries and the plastic bag handles break..ugh!) I found these adorable (or manly bags if you are a male reading this) at RuMe. Celebrities have even been 'caught' using them! The best part is celebrity swag WITHOUT the celebrity price tag! These bags are UNDER 10!!!

Nicole Richie and Benji Madden are seen below caring the 'Spring in NY-Hamptons' RuMe bag With their adorable little girl at home and one on the way, you betcha that they will be able to fit many baby items in here!

Jessica Alba loves these bags so much, she has TWO of them! She is seen here carrying the

...and here carrying the 'Spring in NY-5th Ave.' bag. (Notice she is not using a plastic water bottle? She is using a REUSABLE one?! BONUS girlfriend!)

Even your car can look like a celebrity, no matter the make or model!!

So....drum roll please..... drrrrrrrrr.....I will be GIVING AWAY one of these awesome bags. To encourage you to "Go Green" (or at least be more conscious of it) I will be giving away the green 'Spring in NY-GREENwich' bag.

To enter to win, please visit the RuMe website and take a look around (with the bags UNDER $10, you may want to purchase a few to go with this bag if you win it). Send me a comment on this post by this Saturday. In your comment, I want to know if someone peaked in your bag...what would they find? I'll announce the winner on Sunday through a random drawing.
Think Pink! and Go Green!!!


  1. May Canadians enter? If someone peeked in my bag, they'd probably find library books.

  2. In my bag would be my ipod, a book, a water bottle, and various snacks & beverages for the little ones :-)
    The Computer Breaker

  3. Sorry the late entry....I haven't been myself lately ;) If someone looked in my bag, you better believe they would find cherry chapstick (I'm addicted, call Intervention), a bottle of water (gotta stay hydrated), my cell phone (never leaves my ear when I'm in the car), Stride gum (I'm the gum girl), and hand sanitizer (what can I say???? I have a heart baby!).

    Okay....everyone has something in their bag that they wouldn't want anyone to see....gotta admit my bag you would find.......Imodium AD (I don't think I need to explain this any further)!

    Have a good one!


  4. I definately want a bag!! In my RuMe bag you would find my calendar, business cards, chapstick, McAlister's Deli VIP cards, My Flip, Jump Drive, Kleenex, Pics of Adam and Collin, Paint Samples, Gum, Purse Hanger, Go Green Book, and a big 8X10 picture of my dear sister Lindsay (just kidding)!!