Monday, April 20, 2009

Race Day Swag

I was working out last night (success! no falling!) and saw a lady wearing the Race for the Cure tshirt (thus the following blog ensued.)

Each year, a tshirt is designed for the Race for the Cure. Three years ago, an updated design was created. Each year the design stays the same, but the colors change...this year pink and green was the theme.

Also FUZE drinks passed out NUMEROUS of these cute capes....I saw them on kids, adults, dogs....everywhere...soo cute!!

The last bit of swag was by far the smallest...but left the most impact on me. As we were walking to the starting line, a man handed us a key chain. I saw it was pink with circles…cute. After further investigation, I noticed that the key chain had four different sized circles. On each circle there was a word. When reading each order from smallest to largest, it read “I AM THE CURE.” Reading these words over and over in my mind was very empowering. However, when I read the insert that came with it… dedication to finding a cure was even more instilled in me.

The smallest circle represents the average size lump detected by yearly mammogram when past films can be compared. The next tag shows the average size lump found by a first mammogram. The next one: the average size lump found by a woman doing her regular breast self-exams. The largest tag, about the size of a half-dollar, represents a lump found by accident. Now this sizing chart may not be entirely accurate, still, these tags are a nice visual of the varying sizes of lumps. Seeing the difference between a tumor detected in its earliest stages and one found by accident is quite sobering. For those women who are not update on their mammograms or self breast exams, hopefully this was the push they needed to protect themselves.

The key chain insert reads: Did this giveaway educate you about breast cancer?

Ummm, heck no other.

And I hope this post educated you.

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