Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Biscuits'n Gravy!
Super easy and quick breakfast to make. I actually had all of these things on hand already! The biscuits were 'leftovers' from making the meat cupcakes (I bought four containers). The Starbucks was leftover from what I didn't drink the previous day....they are way too expensive to just throw out what you don't drink...reheat it for the next day! Follow the directions on the back of the biscuits package and the gravy package and within 10 minutes, breakfast is served! I also like honey on biscuits. It was a nice 'sweets' fix since I gave up all sweets for Lent this year...still going strong!! (No sausage on hand...but this would be good with some sausage in the gravy too!)

** Earth Hour was amazing last night! I looked down our neighborhood street at 8:35pm and it was complete darkness. I've also looked at the pictures posted on the Earth Hour website of Sydney's Opera House, China's Olympic Bird Nest, and even Vatican City....truly amazing! GLOBAL UNITY ROCKS!!!!! **

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