Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday Night Party!

Last night we hosted a 'work' get together for Curt's school. We had a pitch in and around 15-20 guests/friends hanging out. It was a lot of fun! Even though it was in the low 50's, we broke out the corn hole outside and later moved into the garage for beer style! Everyone had a lot of fun and was able to kick off their spring break vacation the right way...I still have three weeks left until my break...ugh. Since we had a pitch in and we hosted the party I was thinking about what to make all week! I always like to try and make the perfect food for the occasion. Finger food was a must and I needed something for the 'meat' lover boys and something a little more refined and special for the wives. I came up with two different hour d'oeuvers.

For the meat lover men, I made these bacon wrapped weenies. A little time consuming to make, but well worth it! It only takes three ingredients, cocktail weenies, bacon, and brown sugar. Roll the weenies in bacon, secure with a toothpick, sprinkle with brown sugar and bake for 30 minutes at 350'. Afterwards, put in a crock pot on warm and leave. It was a hit!

For the ladies, I made sun dried tomato bruschetta bites. Very easy and if you like garlic, you'll love this! Using french cut bread, I brushed garlic on it and then broiled it for 4-5 minutes just to lightly toast it. While still warm, add a dollop of mozzarella cheese that is mixed with sun dried can buy it already made! I then added a piece of sun dried tomato with a little drizzle of the juice and a few chives. Not only did they taste good, but colors were beautiful too!

I'm hosting a baby shower in about a month or so and am already starting to plan the food! I'd like to make petite fours...if anyone has any good tips or recipes for them or any other good baby shower food ideas, PLEASE let me know!

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