Friday, March 13, 2009

"Nuby" Favorites

I had never heard of the 'Nuby' infant and toddler products until my son was about 6 months old and started teething. I needed something that was not cold with lots of textures for him to chew on. I found this 'Bug-a-Loop' ring and he LOVED it! Cousin Collin who is almost exactly a year older than Clayton loves it too! Whenever we get together, Collin always takes this toy to chew on. Clayton loved the bright colors and different textures on the ring. After falling in love with this product, I kept an eye out for other things that I thought would be useful to us.

Clayton has started to feed himself with a fork and spoon. All I had with the Gerber spoons that were metal with the rubber on the end. They were bottom heavy and to awkward for Clayton to pick up and maneuver. I found these adorable Nuby fork and spoon sets. I got two sets for $7.00. Clayton can easily use the spoons which are nice and deep. The forks are a little more difficult since they are rounded on the ends. They are just adorable though! We have the green/yellow and red/blue.

Clayton has learned how to drink out of a straw. He loves doing this and really feels like a big boy whenever he does. Today I was browsing and found this straw cup. The straw is rubber and you can actually flip the straw down and close it when not in use. Clayton LOVED it!! This is the first cup that he actually carried around the house. Normally, he throws them on the ground or ..more recently...we have gotten him to hand the cup to me when he is done drinking. This one he thought was so fun that he carried it around. I love to watch his little lips pucker up to drink from the straw too! I bought it in orange.

I love the bright colors of all of their products. They are also VERY easy to wash....I just thrown them all in the dish washer...teether included! I will definitely be buying more products from this brand!

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  1. I too love the Nuby products. Their sippy cups are what Dallas prefers to use. I also have the spoon and fork set...we have the orange/yellow and blue/green sets! I will definitely look into the straw cups when Dallas is ready for that step.