Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Kicks!!

Clayton's new shoes came in the mail today!! I was so excited to put them on his feet and to see how well he could walk in them. Here he is checking them out...shoe laces, he has decided, are very fun!

After I stood him up, he held onto my arm and I was afraid that he wouldn't walk in them. However, he took off on run! He actually walks better in these shoes because he has to pick up his feet instead of shuffle them along. He really loves the sound that they make on hard floors.

Here he is eating his snack of grapes in his new shoes!

Ok..anyone who has a toddler who is constantly on the go or who is in the 'dropping' stage like my son needs this container! It is a bowl with handles on both sides and a lid that your child can put their hand in and pull out their snack. The best part is that when your child throws it on the floor...because you know that when they are done eating, the container will be thrown on floor....nothing falls out! I pack the bowl with goldfish, cereal, grapes, and etc. Clayton will either stand in one place to eat or carry it around and nothing ever falls out...much to our dog's dismay. It is great! I also take it in the car with us too. I use the link rings and link it through the handle to the straps on his car seat. This eliminates me having to turn around and hunt for it on the ground. He can pull it back up from the links.

Here is a top view of the bowl.....

...and a side view. Don't mind Clayton...he is just eating away...a little predinner snack!

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