Sunday, March 8, 2009

Flu Vs. Me

MIA should be my new name! I’ve been ‘Missing in Action’ around here for the past four days. The only place that I haven’t been missing is my bed. I’ve been on a different type of bed rest…..the flu bed rest. I had a terrible sinus headache all week. On Monday, I got Tylenol Sinus to help combat it. I thought, oh yeah, this will make it feel great. Now, mind you, I don’t like taking medicine. I just don’t like the way it makes my body feel, but I was in pain! So, got the Tylenol meds…took all of them (within a 24 hour time period) and nothing. Still pain. So, I went back and got the SEVERE Tylenol sinus. Took that (within a 24 hour time period), and do you believe…NOTHING!! Thursday night I had these terrible aches and pains along with these chills that would not seem to end even if I was on fire. So, what would a smart person do…on Friday, I get up and go to work. However, after I got there, looked down and saw that I had completed sweated through my shirt (YUCK!) I did turn around and go home and proceeded to spend the next 8 hours in bed. Did I still go to the doctor…nope. It wasn’t until Saturday morning when I fainted did Curt finally force me to go to the doctor. After waiting almost 2 hours…sitting upright for that long of time was a sheer act of God….I have the flu. No one hates being sick more than a type A personality like me…but there you have it. My family, who I don’t brag enough about, took AMAZING care of me. I literally did not step foot on the ground unless to go to the bathroom for 2 days straight. When I did finally emerge from my flu coma (I’d like to think it was like a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, but I’m thinking it was more like a scene from some horror movie) I found my house cleaned from top to bottom, all the laundry done, grocery shopping done, and dinner cooking in the oven. Not to mention my son happy and yes I’ll admit it….a little too well fed! I’m still only functioning at about 60%...which if you teach Kindergarten like I do, then you know that they kids will eat you alive if you are not on your game. One more day at home on ‘bed rest’ should at least bring me back up to 85% and I think that I can fake the rest! They are Kindergartners after all…..but I swear that they can smell fear! :)

On a cute side note, we have a digital ear thermometer, similar to this one. Clayton saw me putting it to my ear to check my temperature. Now, his one of his favorite things to do is bring the case to me open, then get gets it out and puts it up to his ear. It is the CUTEST thing ever. He even started bring it to me to check my temperature. What a lovey dove he is trying to take care of his Mom!! Don't worry, he stayed far away from me until I had antibiotic in me for 24 hours. He stayed with our wonderful friends Jason and Ta'Lena and my parents came up and camped out at our house. Thank you all so much!

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