Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Clayton and Sampson

Have I mentioned Sampson? He is our dog. We are not sure what he is...long story, but we love him just the same. Curt and I bought Sampson one month before we were married and he has lived with us and been a part of our family every since. Once we had Clayton, I was a little nervous how Sampson would react to him...but it has been smooth sailing! Clayton loves on Sampson..some times a little too much! As you can see from the pictures...Clayton just can't get enough of him!

Clayton in our loft...up to no good!

Clayton was opening and shutting Sampson's cage...yes, Sampsy dog was in it.
"Sampson, why don't you want to play with me?" .....too cute the way Clayton is practically begging Sampson to come out!

Sampson is a great dog...he loves his cage. We leave the door open 24/7 and he goes in there to sleep at night or whenever we are gone. He has free rein of the house, but he loves this spot where he can look out over the house and out the windows.

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  1. Too cute. Dallas loves our dogs as well, but they too escape from him every now and then and won't come out to play.