Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kiddie Footwear

There are such cute infant and toddler clothes!! However, sometimes people neglect a necessity.....footwear! Clayton lived in socks for the first 6-9 months of his life. My sister bought him the cutest Johnny Trumpette sneaker socks! I put him in those socks anytime we went anywhere or even just lounging around the house. I just loved them! Doing searches for baby clothes on my own, I discovered that they even have girl "Mary Jane" style socks. So adorable! I've never had a baby girl to buy for, just baby boys....(6 of them to be exact!)...but I would totally be stocking up on the baby girl socks too! I found them at Inchbug but I am sure you can find them at many other places.

Once Clayton began wearing shoes...a sad day for this Mommy 'cause it meant he was getting older....he wore Robeez. They were soft soled and perfect for his little toes that needed more of a protection. We have many different styles of the Robeez, but one of my favorites were the boots. Clayton LIVED in the boots this winter with the warm faux fur lining.

I recently just bought baby Oliver these adorable airplane Robeez with cloud socks (my sister works in the aerospace field). I am just so excited for his arrival!

Now that Clayton is walking...again, another milestone that shows my little baby is no longer a baby....he needed a shoe that was flexible, but more sturdy. Pediped shoes give him just that! These black and red ones Clayton wears everywhere. He also has the white/navy tennis shoe style ones and the brown loafer style ones too. These shoes let his toes grip for balance, but allows cushion when walking too.

Not to forget to mention that they are all SO CUTE!! Now that he has walking down to a science, it is time for real tennis I really had to hold back the tears! I wanted shoes that had soles that weren't too think or heavy for him. I found these Nike shoes on Eastbay for a pretty reasonable price. I can't wait to see Clayton walking in them!!

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  1. I have been searching for these tennis shoes...I am stealing your great find :)