Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's NOT 'GREEK' to me!

I totally loved the season premiere of GREEK!! (My husband watched it with me making it even better!) I just lose myself in the episode reminiscing about my own college/sorority days.

One of my favorite parts is when Cappie (Scott Michael Foster) is recapping what he did over summer break and in between napping and boozing, he said that he got caught up on all of the Jon and Kate Plus 8 videos and that he is fascinated by how they make it all work...totally love the real life references to shows that I am personally obsessed with! (Plus you just gotta know the character Cappie to really appreciate the comment.) And let's face it...... he isn't bad looking either!

Any one who watched it...I have a question. How long will Frannie and Evan last? He has some morals...when is he going to get sick of paying her rent bill for the knew "IKI" sorority?

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