Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reality TV Rumor Mill

Jon and Kate Plus 8

Have you heard this?! Trouble in 'hectic' paradise? Rumor has it that their marriage is in trouble. Apparently he was staying with his mother to help her with a foot injury, but was seen out bar hoping multiple times. He is even rumored to have been 'making out' with girls from the local college's Volleyball team. In Touch magazine reports that he is back home and that Kate is embarrassed by his behavior but can't address it due to fans. Pictures that are circulating are reportedly just pictures with fans, nothing more. However, if you have seen the previews for the season finale next Monday something is up. Kate infers that she and Jon are "on different paths." Wonder that could mean....I'll definitely be watching! Any thoughts on this?

Dancing with the Stars

So, with all of the St. Patrick's Day festivities.....not to mention that it was BEAUTIFUL last night and Curt and I enjoyed an evening out doors away from the TV....I totally forgot about my new obsession...Dancing with the Stars! I must set my tivo! Here is what I found out from online this morning.

Belinda Carlisle was the first 'star' to be eliminated. In my opinion...she was not the worst, but probably just didn't have a huge fan base.

Rumor has it that dancing partners Gilles Marini, nude neighbor from Sex in the City: The Movie, and Cheryl Burke are in a secret romance. It seems to me that Cheryl Burke is always surrounded by these rumors, but they are never true. Gilles has laughed off these falsities. He is happily married with two children. His wife is apparently "laughing her butt off" at this rumor. News flash people...just because they dance sexy does not mean that there is anything going on. Ever hear of acting?!

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