Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8: Season 5?

Here are my personal opinions about the season finale show....
  • I do not think that they are having any marital problems.
  • I do think that there will be a season 5 show solely because Kate stated that she "loves" being able to work from home and enjoys doing all of the PR things for the show and books.
  • There will be a season 5 if not for having to pay for their $1.4 million house...not to mention heating/ cooling the house!! Not to mention just living in general.

  • Jon is having a hard time with people knowing who he is. He said that he has trouble because people see him only as "Jon and Kate Plus 8" rather than just Jon Gosselin who happens to have 8 kids.
  • Jon was definitely out "partying" it up while he was staying with his Mom to help her foot. However, name one parent that doesn't like to go out and let off some steam every now and then.

If there will be a season 5...you can bet that my Tivo will be set!

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  1. linds! we just canceled our cable last week, so i saw the teaser for the season finale last week but missed it last night. thanks for the recap (i have definitely spent some time googling this issue)! give your boys a kiss for me!