Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thanks Y'all!

Just a quick THANK YOU to everyone who made my birthday to special yesterday with the phone calls, emails, texts, cards, singing,and etc. I had an awesome birthday! My dear, dear friend Jessie dedicated a special blog post to me complete with a photo slide show of us. Jessie lives in Washington (a mere 2,000 miles away). Ever hear the quote about not speaking/seeing a friend for awhile and then when you finally see each other, it's like you just talked to them a day ago? That is the best way to describe my special friendship with Jessie. You can visit her cute blog to see the photo slide show...however, if you do, I'll preface the slide show with this: Most of these pictures were taken during college. You remember your college...friends, late night runs to WalMart, Thirsty Thursday, costumes, football games, etc...mine was the same...I just wasn't the fashion queen that I am today!

My husband and son took me out to eat at The Cheesecake Factory for a delicious dinner. Here is a picture of Big C and I...it's not hard to see who THOROUGHLY enjoyed his meal!

Tonight was a BEAUTIFUL evening in Indiana. The sun was shining...the weather was warm....the birds were singing...everything just felt.....right.

Big C decided to take Sampson for a walk.

However...I think that Sampson ended up walking him.

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