Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shower for Baby

Today was finally the day! I've been planning a baby shower for almost three months now...I was super excited to do it! The baby shower was for a great friend of mine who is having a little boy, Ben. He is due in July. The highlight of the shower...after the gifts of course...was the food! I decided to keep it 'sweet' and do only desserts as the dieters allowed!!

Here was our starting food line-up!

The shower guests could sip on water or this homemade cherry limeade...seriously, so good! I had 5-6 glasses alone! It was easy to make and assemble right there at the shower! I found the recipe for it on Kelly's recipe blog.
A highlight and crowd pleaser was the red velvet cake balls. Be careful though. These puppies are like potato can't just have one. (I should know. They sat in my frig for about a week and I popped them into my mouth like tic tacs!) These were the second time that I have made them and they turned out much better than the first time! (Confession...I bought the mini chocolate cookies...I know...sell out...but hear me out. Every container I bought, a proceeds of the the money is donated to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation....I would have bought them all if I could carry them!)

Ok...this was by far the most amazing creation! A baby carriage made out of a watermelon...GENIUS!! After carving the watermelon to look like the carriage and scraping the watermelon out, add in your favorite fruits, orange slices and grapes for wheels and listen to the 'oooohhhsss and aaaawwwsss' from guests.

Another crowd pleaser were the mini-cakes. These were chocolate cake, covered in fondant, and monogrammed with the baby's initials. I mean, seriously, how many times have you either said or heard someone say..."oh, just give me a little piece of cake"? Well, now everyone can have their own "little cake"! Two -three bites and it's gone!

Oh, and just when you think that we had nothing healthy....there was a few carrots and celery.

I also had a 'Make-Your-Own-Strawberry Shortcake' set up too. This was another anomaly that went quickly!

Overall...I think that the shower was a success! People ate, drank, mingled, and laughed...what more could you ask for!
I really enjoyed all parts of creating this party and I hope that the Mama-To-Be enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed creating it for her.
Hmm...what can I plan a party for next?

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