Friday, May 8, 2009

Show Us Your....

LIVING ROOM!! (Get your head out of the gutters)

Kelly choose living rooms to be the next installment on the virtual home tours(I'm # 126!)...not one to disappoint, here is my room that we truly live in!

A view from the dinning room with the loft above.

A view of the back of our living from the toy corner...which gets larger by the day! (Big C is watching Mickey Mouse on his hand held DVD player....hey kid, why don't you play one of your billion TOYS!)

The front of our living room. I love the LONG windows...they bring in the brightest morning light!

This is one of my favorite nooks in my living room. I don't like a lot of things laying around...even Big C's toys are always stacked up!

One of C's great grandmothers gave him the white bear in the photo. I thought it would be neat to take his picture next to it to visually (remember I am a visual learner) chart his growth. In the top picture he was six weeks and the bottom picture was when he was six months. I have a picture of him standing next to the bear for his one year, but I need to find a matching picture frame first then it will be added to the wall.

Here is the ONLY professional picture from our wedding day that Curt and I ordered...seriously. I love this photo of us!

My ABSOLUTE favorite memento in my living room is my hand crafted, one of a kind carousel horse. My dad pieced together the wood, carved it, and painted it for my wedding. I designed it and he literally made my vision come to life. He created another one for my mom and Curt and I rode them around our wedding reception.

Big C is helping to illustrate the size of my priceless carousel horse.

Thanks for taking the living room tour!

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  1. love your end table looks great!

  2. love all the natural light!

  3. Nice room! I like the colours, and that horse is such a unique piece! Your little guy is adorable too!