Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon (and/or/also?) Kate + 8

After giving myself enough time to think, talk, and read about the season premier of Jon Gosselin, Kate Gosselin Plus 8 (I really need to think of a new show title for it!)...I've finally came to some conclusions. And yes, like a the big dork that I am...I did take notes during the show to refresh my memory...as if I could forget the awkwardness that I sat through for 75 minutes.

  • They interviewed alone for most of the show. The ONE time that they were together, it was literally like pulling teeth to get them to talk. Kate said that their problems have been going on for about 6 months, but if she was really being honest, it has been longer than that.
  • Jon looked TERRIBLE! He had huge bags under his eyes and was slouched back and just plain sloppy.
  • Kate, on the other hand, who is she? She was completely done up in hair, make up, nails...and short skirts. How does she take care of all of her kids done up like that? My guess is that she doesn't...and when she admitted that one of her kids called her the babysitter's name...well...that just solidified how little she currently does.
  • However...they both still had on their wedding rings...not that it really meant anything. You did not see them together...except for the very end at a cook out which I am convinced that it was totally staged. Also...when Kate was home, Jon was gone. When Jon was home, Kate was gone. They were not in the house at all together or at the birthday party together. This was a rare moment that they were close...and I think that was strictly for the show.

  • Kate seemed to blame everything on Jon...I'm not saying that I am on his side, but..how does the song go?...."It takes twwooo babyyyy".
  • Kate mentioned SIX times that she had to plan the birthday party by herself because Jon "wanted the day off." However, I am not sure how much she actually did considering that her "PAs" did the set up while she did what she does best...stand around, direct/order, and complain. I also noticed that she didn't help the kids get dressed, put out fights, or even make or clean up their lunch...must be nice to have housekeepers, maids, assistants, and nannys.

  • At one point during the party...after Jon pulled up in his two seater car...practical? Yum, not with 8 kids JonJon.....one of the little girls told him that she didn't want him to leave again. He blamed it on work....RIGHT! (Not) Where does he go? Where does he stay? Does he stay alone?

  • Kate said that parents of multiples have a higher divorce rate and she never thought that she might be that statistics..but now she isn't so sure. She said that they "turned into 2 different people." My question is...what turned you into two different people? Was it the kids....or was it the media attention? If you look at Kate...her appearance did change, and I doubt that it was a result of how involved of a parent she is becoming...her career has became her baby now.

  • Sadly...if they think that they are keeping their marital problems from their children they are greatly mistaken. From the comments made by their daughter to the need for attention from the twins...these kids are hurting. The problem and utter sadness is that both parents are too wrapped up in themselves to see.

    Did anyone else just feel awkward watching?

Almost like...you shouldn't be watching?

Thoughts? Comments?

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  1. I thought the whole show as just sad. My hear breaks for those poor kids. I thought Kate was trying very hard to be happy and carefree (totally un-Kate). It seemed very forced. I think Jon totally resents the show (it's probably a huge reason why they are in this situation) and that's why he looked so bad and sloppy. As much as I have enjoyed the show, if they were smart, they'd call it quits for the sake of themselves and those children.

  2. I wanted to change the channel because it was so awkward and I felt awkward watching it. I thought Kate was a total B*tch the whole show. She is not near as involved with the kids as she once was. It is evident by her comments and the way she presented herself. I remember her saying once that no one would raise her kids but her and Jon. Hmm...that sure changed with fame. She made fun of the paparazzi, but didn't try to tone herself down. And...what was up with the pinata scene? Now that I've gone on and one....my heart breaks for those kids. Nomatter how much I love the show, get RID of it. They need to go to therapy for their marriage and get their children's lives back to normal. They keep saying it's all about the kids, but they don't seem to notice how vulnerable and upset their children are right now. :(