Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baby Shower Gift Idea

Not only did I have prom last Saturday, I also attended a baby shower earlier in the day...and got my hair highlighted, but who cares 'bout that! I love that people register for gifts, it makes so much easier to get them exactly what they want/need/think they need. However, it kinda takes away a little of the surprise and personal touch. A while ago, I decided to a basket of bath items as my staple 'baby shower' gift.

In every basket, I try to include these things:

  • basket to hold the items that will match either nursery or bathroom

  • cute hooded towel

  • matching wash cloths

  • HUGE bottle of baby lotion and baby wash

  • Desitin

  • Baby Q-tips

  • Wipes or diapers

  • cute BIG bow

I also try to incorporate a little personal touch from my family. Almost every gift that I give has a tie/reference to basketball. This gift was no exception. I actually found a rubber ducky decked out in basketball gear and carrying.....what else...but I basketball! Not only was it basketball themed...but it completely went with the idea of items for the bath. (You put this duck in the bath and the sensors on the bottom tell you if the water is too hot.)

This gift looks like the giver spent mucho dinero right? WRONG!! I spent the same amount of money on this as I would if I bought one of the bigger single items. I even found a great deal on the wipes...a package of 5 for $7! I bought two packages just for myself...well...not for me...for Big know what I mean!

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  1. pretty people must think alike! (that's how that saying goes, right?) My mom and I did something like this for a family friend a few months ago, but instead of the basket we put everything in the baby-bath-tub (or whatever that seat thingy is called).