Thursday, May 14, 2009

The 'Guest' Room

Everyone has one....

Don't be ashamed....

It's ok to admit..................

Yes, I have one too.

A Dump Guest Room.

This week on Kelly's Virtual Home Tours (Me=#20)...Guest Rooms. Before I let you in my ...ahem...guest room, I must preface in saying that when we moved in our home 3 years ago...we only moved our things into the guest room. That's it.

Let's just say...the only guest(s) that stay here are high school/college memories along with a few baby items, an old work out machine, and lots (LOTS) of my husband's clothes.

Please feel free to look away now.

Entering the "room"......dum dum dummmm

The 'catch-all' corner...consisting of sorority paddles, high school senior class president plaques, newspaper clippings, fiber optic tree...and exersaucer for baby.

Not to mention...exerciser for adult...RIP.

What is a bed for if you don't sleep in it? Clothing Storage! (At least it isn't on the floor!!)

Any suggestions on how to revive my guest room?

Well...look on the bright side....I bet your guest rooms do NOT look as bad to you now!

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  1. Hee! Bless your honesty!


  2. I LOVE this . . . now if only I had been brave enough to post my pictures of our dump room. except mine is WAY worse :-)

  3. Mine is so much worse! I posted photos from when we first moved in because at the moment it just looks like a storage closet with a bed buried under everything! Thanks for sharing!