Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Drama

More and more drama/rumors/ it what you will...but more STUFF about the Gosselin family is coming out of the closet.
But first...seriously Kate? I don't think that they are a struggling family of 10 any more...looks like Mrs. Gosselin is doing just fine...what happened? *She is seen here with her bodyguard who she allegedly had the affair with.

Aww...these days are long gone.....
I wonder if Jon Gosselin ever feels like this?

Driving to work today, I heard on the radio that Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jodi...(remember them?) have began to 'spill their beans' and talk about the Gosselin couple and also shed some light on while they have been absent from the show. Uncle Kevin has said that he knew of the marriage problems 6 months ago and Aunt Jodi has stated that Kate brought a contract to Jon that outlined for him his roll. He can a) have girlfriends b) live separately from them c) however he must be present for all of the filming for their show and keep it all a secret. I also heard this on Entertainment Tonight when I was working out last falling off machines last night!

You can see more of Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jodi spillin' the beans at Radar's like the National Enquire for the 'net...they are actually owned by the same company! Check it out and let me know what you think...I've watched most of the video clips and my head is....currently undecided on what I think.
Oh! I almost forgot!! Aunt Jodi's sister is speaking out too...however this is in form of a blog. Her blot title is "Truth Breeds Hatred"...can you guess how she feels about the whole situation?
Is this real?
Is this a publicity stunt?
My mind is made up.
My heart goes out to the children.

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  1. CRAZY!!! Is that Katie or Victoria Beckham? Seriously. We might need a debriefing over Starbucks on Tuesday morning to sort thru the mess they display on Monday night :-)