Thursday, May 21, 2009

Livin' in the Dinin' Room

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Our Dinning room has been used much more since we had Big C. I'll tell you is a lot easier to clean smashed peas off of the wooden floor vs carpet! I recovered the dinning room chairs myself after a marathon of watching TLC's Trading Spaces. They made it look easy and quick on the show...however after 3 HOURS LATER....I was done with the 'quick/easy' process. (Our kitchen has two red walls...thus the matching red fabric on the chairs.

One of the things that I love about the dinning room is sliding glass doors. Even if you are sitting inside, you feel like you are outside...especially when they are open and a nice breeze is coming through.

The center piece on our table reflects that season/holiday that we are currently going though. Since my birthday was on Monday, our center piece is some of my lovely...and hilarious...birthday cards along with my staple....Tiffany & Co. candle sticks.

Big C looks too good here to eat! He was 6 months old when these pictures were taken on a whim at the photographers...however, they are one of my favorite pictures of him.

I love this nook in our dinning room. I use the cabinet to store our cookbooks and my hand painted plate from Italy. Not to mention...Sampson's heart worm meds. The climbing tree wine rack was a gift from my sister...too bad we can never keep wine in it!

On top is the first ever picture of Big C and I taken professionally. We did it as a surprise for Curt for Valentine's Day. He still has it on his desk.

In our china china...but plenty of crystal. The crystal set that I have was given to us as wedding presents from my sister, Mom, and Dad. They are so cute! They have little daisies carved into them. They are truly special to us.
We also store our pilsner glasses there....again...very special to us.

My favorite crystal piece.....our Tiffany & Co. crystal champagne flutes with the daisies carved in them. These were the glasses that Curt and I first toasted with as husband and wife....many moons ago.

Almost four years later.......
the flutes and our marriage are still holding strong.

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  1. um those pics of your cute baby in the pot are so adorable. Love your kitchen, thanks for sharing!

  2. Very warm and inviting. Good job on the chairs. I am currently sewing new covers for my bar stools. I have redone my old dining chairs, a couple of other chairs and with my mom and hubs help a love seat. The key is getting your hubs to buy a nail/staple gun that does all the work for you. (funny, when we moved none of those pieces came with us)

  3. Cute! You did a good job on the chairs. I have been wanting to re-upholster our dining room chairs too. Glad to know it's not going to be a "quick and easy" process. Ha!

    I just found your blog and I'm looking forward to following.