Friday, May 1, 2009

My Kitchen Tour

One of my favorite doing a virtual 'home tour' asking fellow bloggers to show off rooms of their home. You can visit her blog and peak into kitchen after kitchen! After spending my spring break redoing our bedroom and bathrooms, I figured that my kitchen was feeling a little left out and needed its 15 seconds of fame (I'm #162 on her home tour list). it is!
This is the view of my kitchen while standing at the sliding class doors in my dinning room. The kitchen colors are burgundy wine and goldy yellow. The theme...well..I guess it is a mix between wine and fiesta...if that is possible.

A little more close up of the just the kitchen.

This view is of the dinning room from standing in the kitchen. The living room is off to the right.

This is a favorite nook of mine. My sister bought us the climbing tree hanging wine rack one year for is usually empty...can't keep'em bottles around for too long! The cabinet is where I store my cook books.

In the cabinet is also this hand painted plate from Italy. My girlfriend Carri brought this plate for me from her trip to Italy. I have always wanted to go, but have just never made it a priority. At least I have a little piece of Italy in my home...and it is gorgeous!

Ok..I also LOVE my stove. It is nothing too special, but I love the flat top. So much easier to clean and I love the black appliances. (I'm saving to replace my refrigerator with a black one!)

My eco-friendly contribution in my kitchen is the water purifier connected to my faucet. This saves us so much money because we do not need to buy bottle water...thus reducing our carbon footprint! I also keep my dish soap handy by disguising it in a cooking oil bottle. (Yes...I did match the soap to the color of my kitchen...I know...a little odd...) BTW...I recently fell in love with square pictures too!

My dinning room table can be a catch all for everything. However, I always keep my crystal Tiffany candlesticks on it and a holiday/seasonal themed center piece. For spring-summer....a mini rose bush.

My absolute favorite item in my kitchen are these blown up pictures of Big C when he was 6 months old in a stock pot surrounded by veggies. The theme fits perfectly with the kitchen and he is so cute you just want to eat him up! Pun totally intended!!

Speaking of Big C....he got a hair cut. But he is not so thrilled about his 'do.

Oh yeah...reliving Prom excited!!

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  1. I like your kitchen. Thanks for sharing. I'm number 79 on the list. I have spent the last 2 days going through the list one by one. I've got a ways to go if I plan to see everyone's kitchen.

  2. Very cute! I love the plate and love the pictures of your son with the chef hat! Totally cute!! Thanks for sharing :)