Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Re-do

Ah...Memorial Day....time for grilling out, hanging out, and laughing out, right? Unless you live in this house...then it is a day for SPRING CLEANING OUT!

The day started with a nice sleeping in 'til 9:00am (Thanks Big C!) ...then, after breakfast it was game on for cleaning out the garage, changing out 2.5 light fixtures...(yes, 2.5...I'd like to NOT discuss how one light fixture is only half way done THANKYOUVERYMUCH) ....scrubbing kitchen/dinning room floors, vacuuming ...well...everywhere...scrubbing toilets/showers/sinks/counters/etc........and if that is not enough, I decided to give our living room a 'new do' by rearranging our furniture.

Ok..listen up...if you ever feel very blah about your house, I HIGHLY suggest rearranging your furniture. I gave our living room a completely new look and feel (Yah me!) and spent $0!!

The living room before.....

The living room after....

I broke up our couch and put them facing each other. I felt that this not only opens the room up very nicely, but is also puts more of an emphasis on conversing with one another rather than the TV. I also rearranged the end tables and rotate picture frames along with lighting to give the room a new look.

One of my favorite things that we have is this picture frame that has our wedding invitation engraved on one side and an engagement picture of us on the other. This was on top of our TV before and I feel like it is better showcased now.

This shelf has always been on the wall and has always held my wedding bouquet (we got married almost 4 years ago in the middle of July...and my flowers look the same..minus a little dust). When Curt saw the room he asked if the shelf was always there..success!

Another end table picture nook.
Big C loved the new arrangement...he looks like a mini person typing on a laptop! your tivo set? I'm counting down the time...less than 2 hours before the premier of Jon and Kate Plus 8 excited/nervous/curious...
I need a drink.

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