Friday, June 12, 2009

Livin' In The Bathroom

This week on .....

Bathrooms! The place where you do the 3 S's....S**t, Shower, and Shave!
I'll share just one of my bathrooms...the one that I NEED HELP on. A few months ago, I redid two of our three bathrooms in ONE DAY while my child slept. One is purple and one is charcoal. Talk about miracle! I am going to redo this bathroom, but am drawing a designer blank on what colors, theme, idea...etc. I need an inspiration!
This bathroom is currently nautical themed.
I love this little mirror frame that I found at Hobby Lobby. This shelf was made by my Dad..aka...wood carver/builder extraordinaire! Don't believe? Just check out my bed that he hand made me for my husband and I!

My girlfriend bought this cute fish wall hanging for us as a house warming gift. It fit perfectly with the yellow and navy walls! Our walls are very textured, so getting a straight line when painting it was impossible...don't look too close!

The shower curtain was the inspiration. My sister bought it for me in college and I just love it! However, it has paid it's dues and is ready to retire.

Oh, and this is Big C's bathroom...notice the bath toys? I don't play with them.....much.

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  1. CUTE. I love that shower curtain too. BTW, your blog is adorable!

  2. Cute bathroom! I like that shower curtain alot! You did a great job!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What cute bathroom! I love the accents! :)