Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Name That Flower

Confession: I don't have a 'green thumb'.

That's right...I am a plant murder...but not on purpose!! Mostly every potted plant I get doesn't live out its full potential. I either over water, under water or over sunlight, under sunlight or over prune, never prune...really the possibilities of death of potted plants in my house are numerous! I mean, we have lived in our house for nearly 4 years and this spring was the first time I ever mulched!

Every year, there is a flowering pant that blooms the most gorgeous, vibrant orange flowers that I have ever seen. I always cut a few of them and great a centerpiece for my dinning room table. I just love them!

Up close with the flowers...so pretty they almost look fake!

Here they are, displayed for all to see on the dinning room table.
I love these flowers, but have no clue what they are called! Help! Do you know what these are?

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  1. I believe it is a type of orange lily. Lilies are my favorite, so I can usually identify them right off the bat...I looked online and maybe it's a red & orange asiatic lily?!?

    (this is one of Rajean's friends...your blog is so cute!)

  2. LILIES! i can't believe i got beat!

  3. I call them day lilies. I have tons of them at my house...yellow and purple mostly.

  4. I popped in from Kellys Korner to check out your bathroom and saw this post... its a tiger lily... they grow in the wild everywhere around here!