Friday, June 19, 2009

Living Room New 'do!

We decided to get the carpet ripped out of our living room and entry-way and replace it with hardwood laminate to match what we already had in the dining room. I was a little uneasy about living with the house being so disorganized, but it was only for 24 hours and well worth it. We did hire a private contract to do it... you didn't think that Curt and I would do it did you? HA!
To see the before pictures of our living, you can view the post from Memorial day when I decided to rearrange the furniture.
Our living room furniture was in our dinning room, our dinning room was in our kitchen.

Yep...just cement under the carpet..

The flooring continued from our living room into our entryway making it look so good and big!

We also got rid of the mammoth entertainment center and got a small TV stand along with a new area rug.

Oh, and yes...the hubby did put it together and it still works!! I took pictures to prove that he put it together too. Normally, it is I who does the home improvements while he ...ugh....does not.'s still standing!!!

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  1. The new flooring looks great! It is a wonderful final touch to the room makeover.

  2. lindsay, it looks great!! what a fun change!