Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hello Pot, It's the Kettle

I have never written about the 'Octomom' because, well, frankly....I don't agree with what she did and I feel so sorry for all of the children. However....a piece of news caught my attention and I just shook my head in disbelief. I'll pass on the info...but want to hear your thoughts!

Nadya Suleman finally got what we all suspected that she wanted.....a reality show. She wants her show to chart the growth and development of her children and to educate people on preemies.

After getting her show, she has stated that she feels that Jon and Kate have "made a mistake by allowing (their reality show) to be exploitative and invasive in their kids' lives."

Hmm...does anyone else find this ironic?
By the way...Kate's body looks great...even if she did have some cosmetic surgical help...

Will you be watching the "Octomom's" reality show?

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  1. i think octo mom is a terrible person and don't want to go any further because this is family-show, er blog.
    and furthermore....i think Kate looks AMAZING. 8 babies out of that body!! rock on sister! have you seen the special they did when she showed her belly pre-surgery? she needed it, it looked terribly uncomfortable...regardless of who paid for it, it was necessary. (and also note in that episode how supportive her husband was, calling her belly names and such). urgh. i think he is garbage. and that is my opinion. :-) and YES I will watch octomom's know me, i love a good trainwreck!

  2. I will not be watching either show. Ocotmm is a joke and I feel very badly for her children! She has a few loose screws and will become just like Kate. We use to watch Jon & Kate but now the show is not what it started out being. They are not raising their children by themselves so it really is just showing us all the fringe benefits of being on t.v, get ya. Oh yeah and how it can possibly destroy a marriage. It just saddens me to watch it now so we don't.