Monday, June 8, 2009

A Letter

Dear Mr. White Acura,

I'd like to write to you letting you know a few concerns. You see, I was driving next you and was waiting for you to either speed up or slow down for me to switch lines. Finally, after 10 minutes, you noticed and sped up. During my wait, which let's face it...I had plenty of time, I noticed a few things that I would like to point out. I am not the best drive in the world, maybe second, however I don't think that driving your big SUV while reading the newspaper, drinking coffee, and smoking is safe. I mean, having to use all of your fingers to hold your various items doesn't leave many left over to control the wheel, which let's face it, is a little more important than reading your horoscope for the day (if keep you driving like this, I can already tell you what your horoscope will be...check the obituaries!). I am never one to point out an problem without a solution, so here are a few that I came up with for you.

1. I love coffee in the morning just as much as the next person and usually have a cup SITTING next to me in the car. I know that you have heard of Starbucks, I noticed it on your cup. I am really big into their Vanilla Lattes by the way right now. Guess what, they sell newspapers too!! You can sit, read your newspaper, and drink your coffee without the interruptions of...oh, let's say...breaking. If you enjoy a smoke with your coffee, you can even sit outside and do that too!

2. I understand how important it is to know what's going on in the world...I usually get my information from the internet...however, I am more into the celebrity gossip versus what is going on in the stock market. I'm assuming from how you were dressed that you are sorta a big deal so I am going to share with you another radio! You can keep updated on your stocks along with watching the road!

3. First of all...smoking is a bad habit and even if you are a safe driver, the smoking will kill you anyway. However, I understand that it is your right to smoke but it is not your right to endanger other people by smoking and driving at the same time. Feel free to 'light up' outside or in designated areas.
I hope that I haven't offended you by my letter, I am truly concerned for your safety, the safety of others around you, and the safety of my toddler son.
Have a great, safe day!

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  1. Oh my lord, you are crackin' me up tonight! What a great way to let go of things, though.

  2. Lindsay, you are awesome. Thank you for making me smile at the end of a long, not-so-happy day :-)