Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Our Trip Begins!!!

We traveled the very LONG 45 minutes to Cincinnati, Ohio after dropping off Big C at my parents' house for his first over night. I was actually really good and only called once...but they didn't answer.

The first thing we did was check into our hotel. It felt like college again, on spring break with "kids" with coolers, six packs, and duffel bags checking in, laughing, and yelling at one another. Our excitement level just continued to grow! After waiting in line, we finally got our hotel keys and headed up to our room.

I was excited to spend 48 hours of uninterruptedness with my husband in a big hotel bed...but what did I get....
TWO FULL BEDS!! How romantic!
Ok...Curt is 6'5"...I'm about 5'7"....we fit semi-comfortable in our king size bed that actually can fit a California King...ain't no way we were snugglin' in a double. We actually ended up sleeping separate that night...and to quote my husband, it was 'glorious'! It was also really nice to wake up in the morning and take our time getting ready, not having to rush to get ready because Big C was ready for breakfast. When baby hungry, baby gonna EAT!
I really do love going to baseball games...the excitement, the hot dogs, the peanuts, the (ahem) drinks, and just the atmosphere in general. It was also a bonus because we saw 2 different fights break out between fans.
See? Told you he was tall and I had on wedges!! GO CUBBIES! (Unfortunately, they didn't win Saturday, but they did on Sunday!

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  1. hey you two! push those beds together and start working on a sibbling for big c!!

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