Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby C: 3 Weeks Old

Baby C is 3 weeks old today.

What has she been up to the past 3 weeks?

  • Baby C sleeps most of the day and night. During the day she wakes up to nurse every 3 clock work! At night time, she will nurse at 10:00pm, 2:30 ish am, and again around 6:00am. Then it is time to get Big C up, dressed, and out the door with Daddy.

  • Baby C finally lost the umblicial cord! This makes changing her diaper so much easier.

  • Speaking of diapers, Baby C does NOT like to "use the facilities" if her diaper is already dirty. She will wait to go #1 or #2 until she has a clean diaper on. This sometimes means that we go through 2-3 diapers in one changing.

  • Baby C is SO alert when she is awake! I love these times! I just talk, talk, talk to her and she starts squirming and "talking" back. It just melts my heart!

  • Big C is so protective of his baby sister already! "Tay-ton's baby!" he will tell anyone who tries to take her! He is giving her kisses at night before bed and asks about her every morning when he wakes up.

  • Baby C has made us all feel so blessed to have her in our lives. Our family is feeling complete with her here and we all just love her so much!

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  1. We cannot believe we have not met this little sweetheart yet! That is IMPOSSIBLE...her bestie says hi and we cannot wait to get together soon :) Maybe next week -- my last week of maternity leave...{sigh}