Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Presents for the Princess!

This cute little girl......

has been spoiled this week! When we got home yesterday from picking up Big C, she had this adorable dress and bloomers (Oh how I LOVE bloomers!) on our door step from our Uncle Keith and Aunt Jane.
When Curt got home, he brought some gifts for Baby C from some co-workers. This onesie is so true!

I can NOT wait until the weather gets nicer....and she gets put her in these outfits. Oh the bright colors and RUFFLES!!!!!! So cute!

This decorative tin was another gift that fits so perfectly with the decor of her room! She is such the little princess already!

This little piggie went to....TARGET!.....and came home with us! This is literally the only thing in her room that is pink!

Thank you so much to all of our family and friends for thinking of us and our little girl! We are so blessed to have you in our lives! THANK YOU!

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